On Second Glance…

Sometimes the boogey man is just that, as these parents found out: http://img29.imageshack.us/i/securedownloadbon.jpg/

18 Responses

  1. Arnold makes me a little nervous…

  2. lol i love this.

  3. Hahaha! Yeah I’d be creeped out by Arnie watching me too!

  4. He’ll be BACK!

  5. bwahaha, and did you see the call after that one? Apparently, someone called in saying their kitten has “rectal problems.” Wow. Arnold and sick cats . . .I hope that’s not my town! ha!

  6. oh my LORD that is hilarious. who’s police blotter was that?

  7. This made my day lol 🙂

  8. Hahaha, that’s fantastic. XD

  9. Hilarious!

  10. I mean, he never ever even blinks!! 😉

  11. Yes, I saw the kitten thing, too. Reminds me of Pratchett’s Rock Music description…I wonder if the “problems” were brought on by the Arnold cut-out…

  12. Isn’t the appropriate response to this to put a life size cut-out of Chuck Norris in your own window?

  13. Ha! Like other people have already alluded, I’d be nervous if Arnie was watching me for hours.

  14. Oooh, the Governator! SCARY!

  15. Maybe someone would’ve been more able to pin something on the homeowner if the cutout had been, say, Robert Pattinson or Orlando Bloom. But even the most paranoid cannot admit that a cutout of Arnie is threatening in anyway.

    That said, that is such a great prank (whether purposeful or accidental). My nose has just now been thoroughly cleaned out. The only thing that could’ve made this funnier is if the cutout had been of Chuck Norris or Mr. T.

  16. He must have been waiting for John Connor.

  17. That *would* be scary!

  18. They actually called the police!? Because a man was watching the learning center through a window (or so they thought)? That’s pretty over-the-top.

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