Letter to the Editor

Hi Readers!
If you’d like to write a letter of support for the parents who let their 9- and 6-year-olds wait in the car for half an hour, only to have the dad be charged with child endangerment (see blog entry, below), here is the email address for the Utica Observe Dispatch’s letters to the editor page:  ddudajek@uticaod.com .

Thanks! — Lenore

6 Responses

  1. I submitted a letter to the editor on this topic. Thanks for the contact information that allowed me to do so!

  2. While I was allowed to wait in my parents’ car when they went into the grocery store because I didn’t want to go, I am not sure I can support this, at least in my state. These kids were definitely old enough to work the car door and windows should they want to get out, but here in AZ, it gets way too hot even with the windows rolled down.
    I will not judge these parents as I do not know the entire situation. They obviously felt the kids would be ok and I respect that, but here in AZ we have a rather large amount of irresponsible parents who end up with dead children because they boiled to death inside a parked car. This includes children old enough to work the car doors and windows. Pretty darn sad if you ask me.

  3. PS. For those wondering, I grew up in several states. AZ was not one of them.

  4. How does one write a letter to the editor about a story with no facts that can be easily referenced? A link to an actual news story on this would go a long way towards lending credibility to any such letters.


  5. @MIT – Good point. I looked everywhere for a story on it but I don’t think anything was ever written. I, too, have hesitated because I don’t even have the family’s name or anything. I would love to write a letter in support but don’t feel like I have enough facts at this point.

  6. I think it depends on the circumstances. Was it 100 degrees out? I’m guessing not, since the kids are still alive. I have left my kids in the car to mail something or go into the dry cleaner. But, not when super-hot outside.

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