The School Bus, The Kid and Mom

Cute For Better or For Worse comic that somehow seems very appropriate! — Lenore

For better or worse cartoon


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  1. Can you post a link to where you got this from? It’s extremely hard to read with it being so small.

  2. A black and white version from the official FBOFW web site:

  3. That was great. And so cute. My mom’s been reading FBOFW since I was a kid and now I’m reading the new generation. Love it!

  4. Remember that the author went back to the beginning of her strip and started over again. Michael was born around 1977 so this comic would take place in 1982. Back then lots of sane moms let their kids go to the busstop alone. It is a great strip though. By the time Elizabeth is 8 or 9, she is biking to the local playground BY HERSELF. Imagine!

  5. Love this strip & a “good” reason to take her kid to the bus! I have neighbors that won’t let their 3rd & 4th graders go to the bus stop alone. It is on the corner next to one of the houses, and directly across the street from the other. They could literally see the kids on the corner from inside either house!

  6. One of my favorite comic strips. Never really thought of comics in regards to being free-range but Charlie Brown has to be #1 on that list.

  7. Calvin is the best free range problem solving (of course causing too) kid around!!!! My 1st grader loves reading the collections we have.

  8. OH yes S, we love Calvin here. We have our own Calvin, now 10, who loves every strip. I teach him to be free range but fortunately he has never tried to a flying dinosaur and jump off the roof.

  9. In light of what came out last week about Jaycee Dugard I figured everyone would be hovering over their kids at bus stops. On Monday I watched my friend’s kids so she can run errands. Her 2 oldest (10 and 6) were due home from school in an hour. She told me the bus let them off at the end of the street and they just walk home, don’t worry too much about it. I was happy to see people living life as normal.

  10. A little hard on the eyes at that size but very enjoyable!

  11. Here’s the link to the original, David (if this one is still up)-it’s a few days old, now.

  12. The district where my kids most recently attended requires parents to go to the bus stop for both drop-offs & pick-ups (even if it is at the top of their driveway) through the 4th grade. (if you don’t show for pickup, they will drive off with your kid.)

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