A Nice Moment

A Reader writes:

I am a free range parent.  My kids are (almost) 15 and 12.  I don’t own a cell phone.  I was leaving them home alone to attend our high school’s pto meeting while my husband was out of town.  As I was heading out the door I told them I’d be at the school.  My daughter, the 12 year old, asked what the phone number was.  In my best serious voice I said, “9-1-1.”  They both laughed and I went (guilt-free) out the door.

Robin in New Jersey   


See readers? Sometimes, you can make a parenting decision that’s fun, easy, sane and even legal!

5 Responses

  1. Refreshing. So refreshing.

  2. ROFL! That’s so funny.

    Great job, Robin.

  3. I think cellphones are a wonderful way to keep in touch for busy parents. I enjoyed texting my daughter today while I was fishing. It’s a great tool for free range parents! There’s nothing wrong with not having one, but there’s nothing particularly right either.

  4. cell phone or no cell phone, whatever works.

    I have a cell phone, emergencies only, hardly been used and on a cheap deal. Unless you’re a businessman/woman, that’s all it’s good for, IMO.

  5. Sooo funny! This is not exactly a freerange anecdote, but it does remind me of a set of parents and their instructions to us when my son had another kid over for that child’s first sleepover at our house.

    Mom: “If he doesn’t behave, or if there’s an issue, call us, we can get him, or talk to him, or…”

    Dad: “Call us if you need us. Well, call us if there’s an emergency. Well, actually, if there’s an emergency, call 911.”

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