The Naked Truth?

What a weird story: A Virginia man making coffee for himself in his own house — naked — has been charged with “exposing” himself because a mom and son passed through his yard on their way to school and saw him through the window.

My question: Who’s more traumatized by this event? The mom, the kid or the guy just trying to make breakfast who made the news instead? I vote for #3.  — (Signed) Lenore, who realizes this is not entirely a “Free-Range” issue, but also thinks maybe we shouldn’t assume our kids are ruined for life by every untoward event.

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  1. Sounds like the kid is a little TOO free in some areas if nobody’s told him that nature abhors a peeping tom.

  2. And a trespasser! Why were they cutting through his yard?

  3. This reminds me of a case in BC Canada from a few years ago. A man got arrested and charged for an indecent act when his neighbors spied on him while he was masturbating in his own home.

    Check out the following page for a few more details

    This case even ended up before the Canadian Supreme Court

    Why do you have people out there that have to go looking for trouble and outrage.

  4. I would have thought that if they cross through his yard and see him, then it’s their bad luck. Ridiculous!

  5. How the heck would he know when they where in his yard? a trip wire? a laser? telepathy? oh! i see, he saw it coming telepathically and intentionally made coffee just then! ghastly! positively ghastly.

  6. Honestly. HONESTLY!!!

  7. Is it worse to see a nakaed person or to learn that the naked body is something to be feared, hidden and/or ashamed of?

    PS. Is it not considered rude to stare into peoples’ houses?? We all deserve to feel safe and free inside **our private residences** (yeah, even men).

  8. Pretty sure that’s illegal.

    Had a friend (who will absolutely not, ever, be named, naturally — I’d like to keep this friend!) who flashed someone when he got tired of the nosy neighbors always spying through their windows and into his. They called cops, cops informed neighbors that he was in HIS house, it was perfectly legal to be naked in his own home, and perhaps they should quit looking.

    There’s no legislation against not having blinds.

    I don’t see how this holds water.

  9. Doesn’t this fall under the “reasonable expectation of privacy” that you are to expect in your own home?

  10. This was at 5:30 AM, no less. What were Mom and dear boy doing on his lawn during that hour? I talked about this with my 15 yr old daughter and we both agree that the polite thing to do is to look away and pretend you never saw anything. She should have taught her son that bit of common etiquette,

    Instead she acted as if her son were some fragile piece of china and hysterically called the police! The police should have warned her about trespassing and peeping into windows.

  11. From what I could tell by the reporter on the video. they were on his yard. they were trespassing. Now I gotta hand it to the lady, she has balls to call the cops on the guy.

  12. It was at stupid in the morning too? I missed that part. Holy HECK.

  13. @Nicola:

    “Doesn’t this fall under the “reasonable expectation of privacy” that you are to expect in your own home?”


  14. Isn’t there some hotel in NYC where people check in specifically to have sex in the windows that face a public park? Are there going to be mass arrests??

  15. I would think a halfway competent lawyer would be able to get this dropped pretty easily (unlike the incompetent douche they interviewed that insinuated that he would have to prove his innocence). The southern states might not look too favorably on nudism, or nudity anywhere, at any time, but the we’re usually pretty serious about a person’s right to do just about anything in their own home.

    Not that that makes it any better, even if the charges get dropped as soon as they step into the courthouse. He still has to take time off work, deal with the publicity, and potentially get fired (Virginia is an “employment-at-will” state: employer’s don’t need a reason). I wonder if this is one of those mothers that would take her boy into the women’s bathroom out of fear that he might see someone’s genitals in the men’s. It certainly sounds like it.

    Someone please tell me how these people made it through life long enough to be child-bearing adults if something this mundane warrants a call to the cops. God, this is just what we need down here in the south… one more moron that thinks nudity (even at home) should be punished by law.

    Here in Memphis taking a shortcut through someone’s yard in the pre-dawn hours is a good way to get shot. It just blows my mind that this guy could have shot these morons to death and not face any jail time at all, but not being fully clothed in his kitchen could get him a year in jail!

  16. I’ve heard of this happening before. Makes NO sense. Have we forgotten how to mind our own damn business?

  17. Being a modest person, myself, and, while certain that the human body is an interesting form, might expect that a person who is naked in a private situation might be humiliate if I mentioned I saw them naked, I would hold my peace on the subject. As for any child with me, it would just be a teachable moment. The lessons. “yes, we are all interesting without clothes” “No need to get fussed about a human body”, “Why do you think we wear clothes afterall?” “There are some things we learn by accident that we don’t need to gossip about.” If we feel we need to talk about it, then learn to identify what our need is – what is the problem? We sometimes just have to own our discomfort. And we sometimes do need to have someone to talk about those discomforts – to help us adjust, not to create a problem for someone else. And, of course next time – go the other way.

  18. LOL….

    @ Randy:

    The friend I mentioned above with a similar circumstance? This person lives near you. (And me, for that matter.)

    Maybe it’s because the cop was glad to finally get a call that WASN’T a neighborhood shooting, as you say.

    “Aw, heck, just a naked guy? Lady, get a life.”

    I can hear it now. 🙂

  19. I think this is a free range issue. The mother exposed her kid to the situation and is blaming the man and creating a fear and a crime that is not there (assuming everything the man has said is true). This is about fear and fear is totally in the free range, um, range.

    I agree with what others have posted. If it were me and my kid we would just keep moving hoping he didn’t see us. And then of course we would mock him and laugh, but in the privacy of our home. Unless of course some one is cutting through our drive and the window is open and they hear us and then call the cops on us because we were clearly trespassing and being peeping Toms.

  20. Making coffee, how obscene.

    I would of simply said, ‘How about tomorrow, we take the long route.’

    Should we arrest parents if their child accidentally overhears them making love at 2am?

  21. There is a difference between exposing yourself on purpose and being spotted naked by accident. This is clearly an accident. The man had no intention of indecent exposure. He was in his own home and had the reasonable expectation people wouldn’t tresspass or look inside. Yes, reasonable, because that is the commonsense thing to do. Hopefully, he can sue the woman for tresspassing and causing unnecessary grief.

    I wonder what the kid took away from it all. He’s probably curious about things his mother won’t be willing to talk about for another 10 years.

  22. The article linked to states that the acusation isn’t that they were cutting through and saw him naked making coffe, it’s that he was visible from the public path and that he deliberately exposed himself to the woman and son.

    It seems to me that a possible scenario is that they cut through, the guy saw them and exposed himself as payback – much as Tracy Lucas’ friend did, except in this case, with an open door being involved their isn’t a reasonable expectation of privacy (just as there isn’t if you go out on your front lawn naked).

    Even in that situation (and there are plenty of other believable scenarios that don’t rise to this level af intent) it’s a waste of public resources to pursue this guy. In what way is the public protected when a petty but non-damaging payback prank is treated at the criminal level? The woman should tell her kid “that’s why we shouldn’t really cut through other people’s property, it annoys them and then they do silly things.” And then she should get on with her life.

    Flashing laws should be to stop the intimidation of vulnerable populations and to help track behavior that can be indicative of a propensity to commit more serious sex crimes. It’s not doing either in this case.

    Making the sight of the human body a criminal matter for other reasons is a waste of tax payer money. And using the law to get back at someone who caught you doing something you shouldn’t have is pathetic and a ducking of personal responsibilty.

  23. @Helen I’m not so sure that an open door (or screen door, or glass door) or uncovered windows has ANY impact on the expectation of privacy in your own home. You don’t have to bar the place up in the anticipation of someone trying to look in. You should expect people not to be peering through your windows at 5:30am (or at any time, really).

    It doesn’t really matter what this person’s intentions were. He could have been the absolute worst person in the world, but there is a qualitative difference between being in your kitchen making coffee and approaching someone in public naked. At least, that’s what I think. I can choose not to peer into someone’s house, but I can’t stop someone running up to me on the street.

  24. I had a (now former thankfully) come to warn me in a sickly sweet voice that her precious son could see my TV through the fence (spring so windows were open and sound travels) and she didn’t want to have to report me to the cops for exposing her child to inappropriate material. (I don’t watch sexy stuff that often mostly sci fi/action adventure)

    I sweetly thanked her for the heads up and I would keep an eye on the fence – and call the non emergency number on her peeping tom son. Now I assume you are getting him help for this problem, we don’t want him to grow up and harm someone do we.

    She sputtered that is not what she meant and stomped off. The neighbor I had been talking to started laughing. (I did call the non-emergency number and let them know about the problem. I confirmed the shows were regular cable at most. I don’t know if they visited her or what but I didn’t have anymore complaints. (I’m a teacher so an accusation could ruin me even if proven untrue)

    I have also had parents in public waiting rooms/airplanes react badly to me watching something on my laptop or Iphone. There have been 3 different negative tacks they take.
    1) I can’t watch it because their child might shoulder surf and see something (all movies are PG13 or lower ratings)

    2) I need to let their child watch the movie I’m watching don’t I have headphones to share/should use my speakers.

    3) I should change the movie to a Disney movie they saw in the bag and give my laptop to their child to use for the flight after all they are chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllllllllldddddddddddddddren and need to be entertain.

    All of them were told back off or I’ll call security/flight attendant and have them deal with you)

    I also had a woman in an ER insist she was going to watch with me – while coughing up a lung in cold and flu season a few years ago. (I was waiting for an x-ray on my possibly broken wrist). I got a security officer to tell her to move away from me and leave me alone or she could be arrested.

  25. as for me, that’s the mother’s fault
    neve go through smb’s yard, there is a privete territory, so ppl are able to do there everything they want

  26. WE CREATED THESE LAWS. Until we start calling our lawmakers and demanding our rights back, there will be no change.

  27. @kherbert— very funny about the laptop movies! I can’t believe anyone would have the balls to ask you to any of the three scenarios you decribed!

    As to the original story, I see there’s a discrepancy in the guy’s story and the woman’s story. I’m suspicious that this guy may be lying. In the original story I heard, he claimed he was up naked early, packing boxes since he’s moving, then he went down naked to make coffee. He doesn’t mention a shower or anything, just that this is his normal routine. Then he stated that he went back upstairs and got in his pajamas and went back to sleep, and that 5 cops barged into his bedroom to arrest him.

    I find that suspicious. Why, if he wasn’t aware of the woman and her son, did he suddenly decided to get back in bed with his pajamas if he normally sleeps in the nude?

    Something fishy here…

  28. @Randy -I’m not out to hang the guy. I’m just pointing out that the article paints a different picture from the idea he was at home minding his own business at 5:30 in the morning making coffee in his kitchen when trespassers saw him naked through his kitchen window. The article suggests it was 8:40 and he deliberately exposed himself to the passers-by who were on a public footpath. Whether this is the truth or not I don’t know. And I don’t think he should be charged in either circumstance..

    As for the guy’s intention – mens rea is the basis of criminality in most criminal law. Deliberately exposing yourself to kids in order to gratify sexual urges for instance – I’d be for that being illegal regardless of where you were when you did it. Accidentally showing your genitalia because you caught your pants on a fence shouldn’t be illegal even if it happens outside a pre-school.

  29. @Sam: We didn’t create these laws. First of all, I’m not in the US, so I have nothing to do with them. Secondly they’re made by congress, rather than the population. A lot of ridiculous laws are voted into existence even when people protest them just because the people in power can do it.

    @Jan S: Both the man and the woman agree on the fact he was in his house, so I don’t think it was fishy at all. The woman could’ve avoided the entire fiasco. If you look, you run the risk of seeing something you don’t want to. That’s why I don’t look into other people’s houses, even though I easily could in several places.

  30. Outrageous behavior! He was trying to “gratify himself” by getting the coffee going before taking a shower.

  31. @Ben, I agree with what you say, but I disagree that the guys is being above board about the whole thing. I think that he might’ve been purposefully goading the woman by flashing from his door like she said, which isn’t a very nice thing to do when someone is walking with their kid. After all, he’s moving from the neighborhood, he might’ve been thinking “What the hell!”.

    I wouldn’t appreciate it at all if someone did that to me, even if I were cutting across their lawn. 5 cops might be extreme, but nevertheless the guy was being a jerk if he opened his door naked just to shock the woman. A lot of people would find that scary.

    Then she called the cops which he might’ve seen since everyone has a cellphone, so he runs up stairs and puts his PJs on, pretending he went back to sleep.

  32. Sometimes, all I can do is shake my head and throw up my hands in disgust.

    This is one of those times.

  33. So when has the naked human body become obsene?? What a horrible lesson to teach a child, that a naked body is a horrible disgusting thing that should not be seen. I wouldn’t want to see my neighbors naked, but I would deem it embarassing for them, or just funny if I did, not criminal!

    Plus everyone else is right, they were walking through HIS YARD!!! How about they not tresspass on his property and then spy through his windows! Just ridiculous.

  34. @kherbert, on an airplane to orlando last year, my 7yo daughter was seated next to a young (obviously childless) man who was watching a laptop movie involving adults in sexual situations. i did kind of do a head-nod toward the kid & make a “come on, man” kind of face, and he graciously put it away. really, he could have just turned it slightly so she couldn’t see, and that would’ve been ok w/ me since he had headphones on. but there certainly are public circumstances that call for a touch of common courtesy to children.

  35. What law did he break? What could they have seen? Are his windows THAT large? He should have them arrested for tresspassing. I think this is further evidence of the fear of men like you posted earlier.

    This story really triggered my paranoia and outrage. I fear being unjustly accused. I am finding that the more of your blog I read, the less I feel I can trust my community (neighbors or police) to have common sense. That is the same outcome of having abduction stories in the news all the time. Just because something happens to one person doesn’t mean it happens everywhere. This is another great opportunity for me to work on challenging and healing my fears.


  36. maybe the mother thought that her son would link sexuality to coffee and there for the kid would have a big problem later in life with the constantly increasing number of starbucks.

  37. I bet this lady never spent her holidays in Spain… Topless sunbathing is not forbidden at the beach. And given that there is no such thing as a private beach here, you have to put up with it whether you like it or not.
    Personally, I don’t like it. My eldest did ask me why these ladies were naked and why I wasn’t. Now, if I’m not able to explain my idea of modesty to my own child, maybe I should question my principles, right?
    Which makes me wonder what on earth did this poor woman tell her child when he inevitably asked whatever he asked… “It’s naughty for a man to wear a penis, dear. Especially in the kitchen…”

  38. As parents we have the obligation to help distinguish between healthy/appropriate nudity and when people use their bodies for inappropriate behavior to make someone uncomfortable. Even if the neighbor was naked to shock the mother and son to make a point, while not charitable it shouldn’t be criminal. It would be at the level of criminal behavior though if he was at the door arousing himself.

  39. Please, People. The man has a ponytail. In some places that alone is enough to get him arrested. He was IN HIS OWN HOME. End of story. (I hope) And I hope that the boy who saw him has a sensible person in his life who can put the experience into perspective for him.

  40. America?!!

    We produce the bulk of the world’s porn, flash breasts at every newsstand, but arrest nursing mothes, and sleepy naked men making their morning coffee at their own kitchen counters.

    Are we hopelessly screwed up, or what??

  41. The party most traumatized by this event is the US Constitution.

  42. i think i’d be afraid to make coffee naked. with my luck, i’d burn myself.

  43. This is another example of how our society is trying to completely separate men from children, because goshdarnit, all men must be evil.

  44. Great… I just googled the story and it’s making its way around the world… as if Americans didn’t have a bad enough rep already!

    5:30 am… 29-yo (I remember when I was young and single and slept in the nude!).

    She claims he moved into view and exposed himself again. How light is it in his yard at that time of the day? Because I can’t see a damn thing in mine this time of year that early in the morning! So I’m wondering if he even saw them… didn’t sound like it, so how could it have been intentional on his part?

    She was cutting through his yard. She knowingly trespassed and instructed her minor child to also do so. If I were him, I’d get a good attorney, sue her and her minor child, and request that she be investigated for making her kid walk with her through people’s yards at 5:30am while they look in windows. Were they casing the houses?

    I’d also suggest that the local hardware stores start stocking “No Trespassing” signs… I’m sure her neighbors are going to be looking to post a few of them!

    I will never suffer from low blood pressure so long as this blog keeps going. And unfortunately there is a wealth of stories for Lenore to inform us about.

  45. Several sites have reported that the woman is the wife of a Fairfax County police officer. I resent the likelihood that taxpayer dollars are being wasted because a colleague’s wife tends toward the hysterical. Would it have been so difficult for a police officer to knock on “the offender’s” door and tell him he can be seen from outside?

  46. If he did it as payback, he was wrong. I can see why she would call the cops. But only if he did it intentionally. If you look into people’s windows, don’t freak out if you see them naked, or worse. Stop looking in people’s windows.

  47. I can’t imagine a kid being traumatized by nudity… until and unless an adult freaks out about it. The kid might have a few questions, though! The thing I find terrifying is that we have to fear being arrested in our own homes because someone is being nosy. I’m going to be outraged if the guy ends up having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life because of this!

  48. Some people go out of their way to be offended in some fashion.
    When I was in the Army our commanding officer got a complaint of soldiers being naked while dressing after showers.
    Following up, it was discovered that, yes, the complainer three blocks away could see naked soldiers on the third floor if she were using her telescope.

  49. Well, it’s really a he said / she said thing. She says it was intentional exposure – he knew they were there and opened the door in order to expose himself just as they were near the front of the door, and then when they moved on made his way over to the OTHER SIDE of the house just in time to expose himself a SECOND time in front of an open window. He, on the other hand, says he was just making coffee in the buff in his own home and didn’t know they were about.

    The stories are quite different, and if he did indeed expose himself *intentionally* to a woman and her seven year old – twice – well, then that’s despicable, of course.

  50. I second Sky. It is a what was reported/what his explaination is.

    TWO ‘unintentional’ exposures? On different sides of the house? This isn’t the guy’s first brush with the law or such accusations.

    The two stories are simply too different to be reconciled. And as the footpath they were on (public) was NOT the guy’s backyard… there’s more to this story than meets the eye, from lots of angles.

  51. @Jan– just a note in regard to your comment that it sounded fishy that he would go back and put pj’s on.

    I once shared a house with 6 other people. I sometimes slept in the nude. On those rare occassions that I knew I’d have the house to myself I had no problem walking around in the buff. That said, the longer I was up the more likely a return of one or more of my roommates was. So, I’d start the coffee, or the laundry, etc in the buff and then run back up to put on something before they returned. Not saying that’s what he was thinking but hey… it’s what I’ve done in the past.
    What this boils down to is that you shouldn’t have to worry about being arrested when you are naked in your own home.

  52. This story is enough to almost make me ashamed to be an american. The man was naked in his own home (possibly hung over) making coffee. The caller, was the wife of a police officer. She should have known better than to cut through someones yard in the first place, however…if this man was walking from window to window, as she suggests, while nude, where’s the pics? Apparently she had a cell phone, since she made the call while walking. Even the cheapest cell phones on the market carry a camera phone now days. I want to see some proof!
    Now police are saying, there was a call earlier possibly pertaining to the same man, they just hadn’t checked up on it yet…SO…a call is only important if it’s made by one of the officers’ wives?
    Since when did the Human body become something to be so ashamed of anyway. It’s not as if this man was standing in his window showing off an erection or masturabating for the entire world, or a bus stop full of kids, to see! This is just ridiculous. Why didn’t the cops just visit the guy and talk with him…tell him some parents are concerned kiddos might be able to see him when he’s walking around naked without the curtains drawn. Why the arrest? If that caller had been any one other than an officers wife, would there even be an arrest!!??
    I know if either of my school age children walked past a home where they could see someone inside walking around nude….they would probably laugh themselves silly…I really doubt it would scar them for life.

  53. I love free range children and the idea of not distorting risk. I just don’t understand why this blog insists on never giving parents or children the benefit of the doubt in these stories. He says he was making coffee and they trespassed. Yeah, like all flashers just happened to be peeing in public while an overzealous police officer watched them with binoculars. Come on, people. Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t have to mean that every mother who calls the police on a man is a hysterical overreactor.

    Flashers exist. They can be terrifying. They are low on the spectrum of sex offenders. People have been known to have flasher neighbors. If I had a neighbor getting off on flashing my child while he was walking to school, I’d call the police. Why does Free Range Kids always assume that the parent is overreacting? Would all of you REALLY find it prudish to be frightened by flasher? Because I’ve been flashed many times (most women have, i believe) and it was scary every time and really pissed me off. If someone did it to my kid…

  54. The mother’s story is VERY different from the accused’s. Please read the link. Decide to decide whom to believe later on, but don’t automatically feel ashamed to be American when it could be a totally honorable endeavor to make walking in the public sphere safe for women and children. Other countries may not give a crap about men scaring a mother and her son by flashing them, but here in the US, people care.

  55. As to why did mom run to the cops? Well, turns out her husband is part of the local PD. Would this case have turned out differently if she was just a neighbor lady trespassing and being nosy at 5:30 am?

  56. Why all the concern about supposed “treaspassing” but NOT indecent exposure?

    I know this area of Alexandria. This path does NOT cross anyone’s backyard, but it does abut private properties.

    A single ‘oops’ incident is one thing, but this guy showed himself on two different sides of the house. His story doesn’t add up, and the woman has no reason to lie about this.

    How about kudos for the woman and her son getting up and out walking to school? (What if this had happened to the kid previously on his way to school and the parents were checking out the story? There’s more there than is being reported.)

  57. Check out this report from The Straight Dope:

    It turns out that in many jurisdictions, it is indeed “indecent exposure” to be naked where others can see you, even if that place is within your own home.

    Before you cry “unfair”, though, keep in mind that such provisions are likely intended to prevent exhibitionists from exposing themselves in full view through a window to passersby on the street. Unfortunately, it also catches the average Joe who just happened to leave the blinds open while he was coming out of the shower.

    Powers &8^]

  58. It’s hard to know who to believe in this case. Very true, the stories are totally at odds with one another. The woman might have been prejudiced against ponytailed guys, or maybe he is a liar. The guy was packing, getting ready to move to his parents, so he must be having some difficulties in life.

  59. People in this country are just way too uptight about nudity. I certainly don’t want the neighbors to see me, but if they’re walking through my yard and see a little too much it’s their problem, not mine.

  60. The reason people are focusing on the trespassing issue is that if the mom and her son were “cutting through his yard from the public path” as the article states and not on the public path as several commenters have said here, the man was not exposing himself to the public. As for exposing himself twice, I think of my house–it is not terribly big, so I could easily walk from one window on one side of the house to another on another side of the house as I move about my morning. I have no idea what size this man’s house is but it seems understandable that he could walk from one side to another in the usual course of his morning activities without knowing (or, admittedly, caring) if anyone was about. The open door in reference was described as a door onto a carport–obviously not a front door but a side door. Time of day does not matter.

    It seems ridiculous that a man cannot walk around his own house naked without having the police called on him.

    Had I been that mom, I would have been shocked, surprised, and ready to explain to my kid. But I would not have called the police.

    And, yes, I think FRK does often immediately jump to the conclusion that the moms are overreacting but that’s largely because in these stories the parents are so very often willing, even eager, to get the law involved. Why is it necessary to call the police over every thing of which you do not approve?

    And No these laws are not made by us, they are made by Congress who are lobbied by people with specific axes to grind. Laws are meant to protect us, but should not be put in place of our own common sense in how to behave.

  61. I can’t help but think that if the person in the house had been a naked woman and the person trespassing was a man, the man would have been arrested and labeled a sex offender. Fat chance that’ll happen to the woman who trespassed.

  62. The mother’s story is VERY different from the accused’s. Please read the link. Decide to decide whom to believe later on, but don’t automatically feel ashamed to be American when it could be a totally honorable endeavor to make walking in the public sphere safe for women and children. Other countries may not give a crap about men scaring a mother and her son by flashing them, but here in the US, people care.

    Seriously? I’ve been flashed once or twice. And it’s not a good thing, no. It is upsetting, and it shouldn’t be done – that’s why it’s illegal.

    However, it’s not exactly dangerous to anybody. Oh, wow, a guy is waving his thing around so I can see his most vulnerable spot. Whoopee.

    Let’s not go overboard. IF her story is entirely true, she still wasn’t in any danger.

  63. Teri B makes an excellent point!

  64. actually flashing is quite a high risk behaviour in terms of progression to more serious sexual offending. I have worked professionally with sexual offenders and they often have a history of several years of indecent exposures prior to moving on to more serious offences ( indecent assault, rape etc abduction).
    Also the offenders i worked with had very, very long histories of undetected crimes that only came to light after their conviction.
    I feel there is a balance to be struck between cavalier disregard of real dangers, and total paranoia of imagined risks and i thought that was where free ranging as a concept/movement sat, however some posters seem determined to pretend that there are no risks, that sexual offenders are all on the registers for minor offences, like for example a 19year old having sex with his 16 year old girlfriend, this is clearly not the case. There are some dangerous people out there. This doesn’t mean we all need to hide our kids away but it does mean taking more calculated risks.

  65. @E. Simms- I’d resent that, too, and I’M the wife of a police officer! Actually, I can see my husband knocking on the guy’s door just like you said- AFTER he’s asked me what the Hell I was doing in the guy’s yard…

  66. Uh oh. I better tell my husband to stop walking around in his underwear. We are in serious danger of becoming the second people to go through this. Our neighborhood is like Peyton Place. You can’t get away from them.

  67. If this were me and my son, I know exactly what would happen: I’d roll my eyes and say something like “Dude, get some curtains!” My son would stop, drop, and roll – with laughter! He’s at that age where bathroom jokes and various bodily functions are still hysterically funny, and to him this is right up there with it. He’d be telling his friends about the “naked-coffee-making guy” for weeks, and when I showed him the article his first response was “it’s a good thing he wasn’t cooking bacon – OUCH!” Afraid of the human body? Not a chance, he’s been taught that it’s not a bad thing in and of itself, but that there IS a time and place for everything, and being naked in public is not acceptable and can be downright dangerous. But, accidentally or not, you take the chance of being the fodder of the perverbial neighborhood joke machine if your not more careful.

  68. I find it hard to believe that he did it on purpose, simply because of how dark it is at 5:30 in the morning. when it is that dark, it is hard to see out of your windows if the lights are on inside, which they probably were if the kid and mom could see him so clearly.

  69. I don’t get why she would call the cops because even if he does get charged (which he should’t) she could get a ticket for trespassing.

  70. I have experienced something like this and it was definitely a teachable moment.

    My family was out in the woods, at a river to go fishing. What we did not know being new to the area was that this part of the river and trail area was apparently a hot spot for nude sunbathers and what not.

    So we were just hiking along with our 11 year old daughter when a very naked older man was at the intersection of the trail. After our surprise, I just looked at my daughter and said” Well in case you were wondering that is what an old naked penis looks like”

    We had a good laugh and discussed nudity and body comfort. We lived through it with no police involvement.. she is 15 now and as unscathed as ever.

  71. First, whether it was 8:30 AM or 5:30 AM, whether he moved from the kitchen to the living room to the laundry room to the bathroom to wherever is immaterial. The man was in his own home, doing typical morning things, including making coffee. The burden of proof lies with the Commonwealth’s Attorney, who must prove he engaged lewd behavior, knowing that there were onlookers. Nothing in either the police report nor the woman’s accusations point to behavior of that kind, nor can it be proved that he knew the mother and child were outside. Making coffee in the nude, folding clothes in the nude, doing yoga in the nude or washing your dog in the nude – none of it lewd, lascivious or obscene.

    Try looking in your own window when it’s dark outside. Easy to see in if the room is lit. Now try looking outside from in. Not so easy to see what’s immediately outside the window, let alone a few feet away. Now try to peer into a window at 8:30 in the AM. Quite difficult, unless the room inside is very well lit and brighter than it is outside. My point being: if she actually saw him before dawn, she could easily see him if she looked into his home, but he could not see her. I know that my next door neighbor cannot see into my home from about 15 feet away, because I waved to him a couple of times without him seeing me when I was about 20 feet into my house. Only after my mentioning that I’d waved good morning and finding out he couldn’t see me did I know the room was so dark to outsiders. If it was 8:30 AM. she had to really work to see into someone’s home, and he may not have realized anyone could see in. Either way, the woman is in the wrong and the young man is blameless.

    By the way, when I was seven, my cousins and I were marauding through a hotel hallway on the way to the pool, and a man came to his hotel room door and opened it a crack (probably to see who the loud children were) while in the nude. We all saw him. We all survived. We giggled and told all our other cousins immediately, of course, and three of the four of us remember it to this day, but only because we thought it was so funny to see a strange grown-up naked. A quick poll last week when this broke revealed we all have healthy attitudes towards nudity and sex, and seem to have survived seeing a strange man’s penis and testicles just fine.

  72. LOL…I have to share a story that a colleague of mine told me today (we are teachers). When he was in middle school in the early 80s he was taken to a “men’s fitness club” by his football coach so that he could drop a few pounds for game day…and when they walked into this exclusively men’s club…everyone was naked! He was laughing about the “trauma” of seeing so many old naked bottoms! I also recall that up until the 70s all high school swimming was exclusively male and, in large cities like Chicago, was also done in the nude since students couldn’t always afford suits. Apparently affluence makes us more modest…until you become rich enough to be an heiress and then modesty no longer matters!

    I hope this man continues to exercise his right to dress (or not) in any way that makes him comfortable in his own home!!!

  73. He was convicted today..what an injustice..oh and i read the peeper’s (lady not the innocent child) husband is a cop. She probably wanted to throw her husbands weight around. Also, that 5 police showed to arrest him for this violation. Those police, prosecutor, and the peeper shoudl be ashamed of themselves. Quite simply, don’t look into peoples private homes and you won’t see unwanted viewing. DUH

  74. @ sean bennett, and anyone else who has this information–what happened with this case? ‘He was convicted’, what, on the l9th? Of what? What sentence?

    Anyone have a link to this story?

    It’s really, if we’ve got the facts straight, outrageous.

  75. Hi bro. Scandal Video 2011
    how to you?

  76. Hello. leann rimes nude what think?

  77. >>maybe Obama *wants* Brown to win

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