A Very Short Review

Hi Folks — Just found this description of me on one of my YouTube videos. I think I should put it on my business cards:

LOL. man i love this lady, but she sounds crazy sometimes. even though she’s right and makes sense


7 Responses

  1. Who could ask for higher praise than that??

  2. LOL indeed. Is your husband tagging your YouTube stuff? Because in my wildest dreams this is what mine says about me. IRL I think mine tends to leave off the last sentence, though. Go figure.

  3. I’ve just always thought of you as ‘high energy’.

  4. Take it as a complement if any of the alarmists that you have had debates with question your sanity.
    Then ask them where they got their psychiatric license.

    I like to say “I can’t be crazy, my insane boss thinks I’m nuts!”

  5. Wow, it takes courage to read your Youtube comments!

    This reminds of me of this delightful bit I came across recently:

    “YouTube Comment or e. e. cummings?”

  6. That’s what my children say about me all the time! Awesome. There is some power in being lovable and crazy too.

  7. I absolutely think you should put that on a business card! You know no one would lose your card, ever. They’d ask for extras to show their friends and you’d get more work than you ever dreamed of, lol!

    No such thing as bad publicity, right!?!

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