CNN, Tonight. Me.

Hi Folks! I’ll be on CNN tonight at about 8:30 Eastern Time discussing “overparenting.” I feel a little bad for helicopter parents because overnight they’ve been knocked off their perch, even after it was society that hounded them into doing and buying and fretting in the first place.  That darn pop culture! So hard to pin down.  — L.

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  1. hmmm…. never would have believed that for the first time in months that I wished I had a TV it would be because I wanted to watch CNN!

  2. I agree, deanne. =D

    Good luck, Lenore. Hopefully this one will go better than the Fox one. *crosses fingers for a good discussion.*

  3. Is this Campbell Brown? I’m on the west coast and I’m never sure if I’m getting some programs absolutely live, and therefore three hours earlier on the clock than advertised, or if I get them three hours delayed. If it’s delayed, it’ll be in the middle of Anderson Cooper’s show.

  4. and checking the box…

  5. You’ll be on at the same time as Nancy Grace on CNN’s sister station HLN. I’d like to see a debate between the you and her.

  6. Go get ’em, Lenore!! I’m up to my butt in work and cooking, but I’m DVRing it so I can see you later!

  7. Awesome Lenore! Be sure to post a link to a video of your appearance, I don’t have cable!

  8. I don’t feel sorry for them — they should have applied their critical thinking skills years ago rather than succumb to peer pressure and marketing tactics. The ones I feel sorry for are the children who spent their childhoods locked inside fortresses.

    Good luck on CNN!

  9. Excellent segment! Sure wish it had been longer.

  10. I think the topic of ‘free range parenting’ has finally hit the tipping point, and thankfully so. I expect that you and others leading the charge will be given much more media exposure over the next year.

    Great job, and keep up the good fight.

  11. You did great! I wish it had been longer too. I laughed at what you said about your son riding the subway being chiseled on your tombstone. Nah, they’ll be a monument erected in your honor!

  12. Oh dammit… by the time I got everyone settled for bed and had a moment to sit down, it was already 8:40, so I missed you Lenore! I’ll look to see if it gets posted online. Hope it went well!

  13. Lenore,
    So sorry I missed it! Will you post it on youtube?

  14. I saw the CNN broadcast and Lenore – you were fantastic! Keep up your views. Your thoughts are insightful and it’s about time A VOICE IS HEARD!

  15. I just read the time article – and went into work and said that anybody that is parent or works around kids should read this. FANTASTIC.

    I used to work in a very affluent area as a Children’s Librarian – and I’ve never seen so many parent wring the joy of reading from their children. I’d personally love to ban the Lexile scoring system as parents misuse it on a regular basis.

    Frankly I think parents that helicopter are bullies many a time with their children, and with others. Let ’em play, and kids will work it out.

  16. Nice to see an interview that wasn’t set up as a conflict. Like you vs. someone who says our kids could be snatched any moment. Or a host who says our kids could be snatched any moment.

  17. Just saw the clip.
    I agree that its a refreshing change to see an interview that’s not just two people who will never agree taking shots. Now if only we could see a topic given the amount of time needed for in depth discussion, not just a few sound bites. Is the average North American’s attention span really that short?
    Maybe we need to stop spoon feeding information to the adults before we can expect to teach critical thinking skills to our children!

  18. Actually, a great point that was brought out by the other guest, Po Bronson, that I had not considered, but find VERY obvious!!

    As kids grow up, they need to take risks to develop into normal adults, and with all the overprotection of teens, their own development is stunted in this regard. So now you have young adults in their twenties, even up to age 30, who engage in behaviors that before, only 15 year olds did, because they have to learn things on their own.

    To take this a step further: I can imagine that many Romeo and Juliet relationships evolve from this very situation. To this end, over protection creates the environment that many young adults feel the need to date illegal minors, and now they end up on the registry BECAUSE of this over protection . And of course, the cycle is complete: The over protection now reverse and become over-BURDENING them to sub-human status for the rest of their lives.

    Lenore, of course, was dead on right with her own analysis. A great role model for parents!!

  19. The video has been uploaded here:

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