Over the Moon Over “Over the Hedge”

Hey Readers! Check out today’s “Over the Hedge” comic — so wonderful on every level (even though reading it makes my tongue hurt). Thank you, oh Michael Fry and T Lewis!

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  1. Love it!

  2. I put my mouse curser on the comic and drag it to my desktop and post it as an image.

  3. Outstanding!

    And which of us didn’t stick our tongues to a frozen metal pole as a kid? lol

  4. Made me wonder why I never tried that. Well, I did read Farmer Boy when I was just a little tyke. I seem to recall a scene in there where the adults told a story of a foolish boy who did just that. I’ve always been big on learning from other people’s mistakes.

    Imagine if I hadn’t been free to walk myself to the library after school, enter the library without an adult escort, walk home and let myself in (with the housekey on a shoelace around my neck), and make my own choice to read something interesting (the adventures of a BOY no less) until my parents got home. Hmm, no telling what mischief I might have gotten into.

  5. It might not work, but usually to get an image over, you need to right click on it and select “copy image location”, then come to your post here and insert the html code:

    I read this this morning and thought of you immediately! You’ve made the big time now, kid!

  6. Theoretically, the “embed” code should do it by itself, though WP might be messing with it. If WP doesn’t like it, we’d need more specific information on what it’s doing.

    PS – Could we get a “preview” option for comments?

  7. Pasting an image hosted on someone else’s site directly into your own post is considered bad netiquette because then every time it loads on peoples’ pages, it eats their bandwidth. Proper netiquette is either to do what you did and just link it, or to save it to your own servers and post it that way.

  8. Nice comic. They have an “embed” button, so that says to me they are OK with you posting the comic from their server. If that didn’t work, not sure what to tell ya. Sorry I’m not more useful. 🙂

  9. The embed code is what you need, but I think in WP you need to paste it in your HTML editor instead of your visual editor. When you’re creating a new post, click on the tab at the top right which says “HTML” rather than “Visual.” Know what I mean?

  10. You’re very welcome.


  11. Go to the post, right click on it and *Save Image As* then save it as a gif or whatever. Then just embed it as any other photo.

    There might be some copywrite stuff to consider doing this.

    Bob L

  12. Hahaha!! Fantastic! That’s going on my fridge!

  13. …and how many of us knew the kid who would do something like that? lol. that was great.

  14. That’s AWESOME!!!!

  15. This classic! 😀

  16. Love it!!!

  17. That was great! Love it!

  18. You’ve really hit the big time now! You and THE MOVEMENT, that is!

  19. Looks like the term “Free Range Kids” has spread to Toontown! Of course as a Southern California native, frozen poles are outside of my part of the Universe. Back in 1949, we had snow in Monrovia (it’s about ten miles east of Pasadena) for the first time since 1932. When I was in grade school, we had a classroom movie titled something like “Fun in the Snow” showing children sledding, building snowmen etc. To those of us without cold-climate backgrounds, the film might as well have been shot on the planet Mars. My winter memories include dark smoke clouds in the eastern sky from the burning of heavy fuel oil in “orchard heaters” or “smudge pots” which were used to prevent the orange groves from freezing.

  20. Yes!

    And I so did that a few times when I was a kid. lol

  21. Out in the country (at Granddad’s place) it was always the pump handle, not a pole. (See, out where the farms are they used to have these things called “wells” that were topped with a concrete slab and a big red metal faucet with a yard-long handle. Great water during the summertime, but you had to work for it.) First indication I had that my little sister might be smarter than a salamander was when she passed on a dare to lick the pump handle.

  22. […] Over the Moon Over “Over the Hedge” Hey Readers! Check out today’s “Over the Hedge” comic — so wonderful on every level (even […] […]

  23. no more smother mothers I LIKE IT.


  25. I am a kid (from Britain. brits are all over the web)
    and i think this comic is HILARIOUS! i like the humour, colours and artwork! fanatastic! (Dont comment on my spelling. we spell it that way)

  26. But see? Look what happened when their mothers weren’t around to supervise!??!! I wonder how many mom’s won’t be able to see themselves in the cartoon. As funny as the cartoon is, it’s also kind of sad.

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