New Technology May Allow Future Kids to PLAY OUTSIDE

Hi Readers! Afternoon fun (yes, ’tis a joke), thanks to brilliant Brian Briggs at

Motion Control Advances Mean Future Generations Could Play Outside

by Brian Briggs

Recent advances in motion controller technology as exhibited by Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Project Natal reveal a future where newer generations of gamers could play things like sports or in places like “outside.”

Football?“These technologies show that we’re not far off from more active children,” said futurologist Ben Carlson. “The evolution has been rapid. First controllers vibrated, then the Wiimote simulated bowling, and now Project Natal has us jumping around the living room. At this pace kids could be playing outside by 2015.”

Game companies have remained quiet about any future technologies that might have kids playing outside, but one Sony engineer did hint that “things were happening.” And from Microsoft, the company behind motion capture controller Project Natal, images have been circulating the Internet showing a teenager throwing a football though its authenticity has not been verified…

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25 Responses

  1. great! then someone can invent the smell of the prairie air at 7pm on mid-summer’s evening, and that will make it seem even more real – no need to go outside at all and see a real person

  2. Ayyyyyy dios mio! It’s a toss up over what’s worse: the technology or Parents for Safety First!

  3. Oh Man! I didn’t read the top part and was just FLABBERGASTED!!! Un Believable. Glad it was a joke – but the sad part that hooked me in, is hearing how many parents are excited about the WII cause it makes their kids move. . . .

  4. Simulated bowling is not bowling. My kids actually think that they know how. they don’t.

    Playing outside cannot be substituted, but I’m sure, for those that need it, they can buy Florida beach air in a can (not a joke; I grew up in Florida).

  5. BAHA!

    Lovely 🙂

  6. Check out the “Artifact from the future” in the Wired magazine- last page. Similar theme.

  7. Careful, a joke sometimes gets taken seriously and become real.
    George Carlin joked that whats next for TV after The Dating and The Newlywed Game is Divorce Court. Its on just before Judge Judy.

  8. So funny! That made my day.

  9. nothing wrong with technology in moderation for entertainment, although the satirical spin here is amusing. project natal is actually very cool

  10. lmao Thanks Lenore!

  11. And now that we’ve got those GPS things to white van-proof our kids, why by 2015, we might actually be able to LET them outside! It’s a new world a-comin’!

  12. I love when people try to justify their kids playing video games for hours on end by saying that it aids with hand eye coordination.

    Uh, you mean like real baseball? Or golf? Or for gol’s sake, just playing frisbee with your kid in the back yard?

    And seriously, just how much hand eye coordination does a kid need? I mean, it’s going to be at least another 6-10 years before they are brain surgeons. Let’s not peak with a skill at 12 years old.

    Sure, I’m certain that for some kids, video games are great physical therapy. However, for lots of other kids, they are a quick road to Rickets-ville.

  13. That was great! I needed a laugh after a long night at work.

  14. Don’t worry, the game probably includes electronic tagging, just in case…

  15. omg, i completely thought this was a real story. how sad is that?

  16. Hah! The snark is heavy but the point has been made.


  17. I bet all the people who find this funny live in big ol` houses with huge back yards.What about those of us in cities where playing outside literally means playing in the traffic?

  18. man, don’t you just love that we’ve advanced so far that we have to rethink letting kids go play ouside like we used to???

    If I’m ever elected President (its obvious there are enough stupid people in the world to let this happen), I think I’m ging to ban kids outside except for dinnertime, homework, sleep, and an occasional potty break!

  19. very good article, thanks this is very useful for me

  20. […] Too true: “Motion Control Advances Mean Future Generations Could Play Outside” [Brian Briggs, BBSpot via Free-Range Kids] […]

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  22. my new camcorder has motion control, i record my dog all the time, its awsome.

  23. Ok so you live in a city where it’s too dangerous for the kids to go out and play?? C’mon, we survived in a city, lot’s of kid’s and traffic, what is happening now is a society where parents are terrified to let there kids out to socialize and play ‘normal’ physical games, justifying that a WII , the internet and sitting in front of a computer for hours is “play’. ??? these kids will grow up unable to communicate effectively and unable to trust anyone that comes into their’s very very sad what is happening to our future generation, it’s up to the parents to stop this from spiraling out of control, GOD save our kids from technology taking over completely…no, I am not from a religious cult, I am a mother of 5 who is caught up in this scary wave of technology

  24. nothing wrong with technology in moderation for entertainment, although the satirical spin here is amusing. project natal is actually very cool

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