Victory! Boy Allowed to Ride His Bike to School!

Hey Readers — Sometimes it doesn’t take a Supreme Court ruling to get a scared, silly rule reversed. Sometimes it just takes a little spine. Here’s the story of the mom who wanted to let her son ride his bike to school and at first (and second) the school said no. But then — victory!

And while I’m here, giving some links, here’s a funny one about the dangers of baking bread.

And, heck, it is exactly ONE WEEK from Mother’s Day. Know a mom would would appreciate a book that is LOL funny AND helps folks relax AND raise “safe, self-reliant” Free-Range Kids? As one reader (not a friend or relative!) wrote,  “Your book had me laughing so hard that my husband had to come and see if i was okay! (I think my gasping sounded like sobbing.)” Here’s the Amazon link! Happy Sunday! — Lenore

12 Responses

  1. Oh god! I’m eating bread RIGHT NOW!

  2. I don’t consider this a victory.
    the school should not allow him to ride his bike. The school should not disallow him from riding his bike. It is completely not the business of the school what a child does when off school property, and outside of school hours.

    They have the right to disallow biking on school property.

    They have the right to not put up bike racks, to discourage people.

    But it is not within their rights to dictate behaviour that happens outside of their jurisdiction.

    Until the kid enters school property, and after he leaves it, the school has no right to police anything he does.

    For all those people suggesting that it’s necessary to follow the rules in society, that is correct – when rules are made according to proper procedure, and within their jurisdiction.
    Canada cannot legislate for Nepal.
    I cannot make a rule about what you have to eat before visiting my house.
    The school has no right to make any rules about how kids get to and from their property. Any rules they do make have no standing.

    It will only be a victory when schools butt out of business that isn’t theirs.

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  4. Good for Kym — hopefully others in their area will follow her example.

    Loved the bread link! Should be required reading for anyone who doesn’t understand the whole Correlation Does Not Equal Causation thing. 😀

    To Sarah Joy Albrecht, in case she’s watching comments — maybe because not everyone can afford to move around at whim, or to pay for a private school? Freaking DUH. [eyeroll]


  5. @Kai: I agree with you, but still consider it a victory. Why? Because in the school systems today the biggest phrase they throw out is, “Zero Tolerance.” At least with this mother, someone actually took time out to think… and that’s a major step in the right direction, instead of the cold, 1984-esque atmosphere that seems to be slowly permeating the systems today. Sure, I totally agree the school should have zero say in how this child gets to school – but I’m absolutely calling it a victory simply for the fact that someone used a brain cell instead of going along with “policy.”

    LOVED the bread site. The scary thing is that if someone ever pushed the legislation, I’m willing to bet people would start to take it seriously. >:D

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  7. Aw crud. I just baked bread here the other day. I knew that was a mistake.

  8. Oh, me of little faith! (My advice was to just bike under the radar.)

  9. The bread article reminds me of The Dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide.

    (Just so you’re aware, “Dihydrogen monoxide” is a chemical name a water–H2O).

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  11. I wish there were more parents like this Kimberlee Morrison. She’s inspiring.

  12. Lenore,

    I thought you’d get a kick out of this video of a boy riding his bike to Kindergarten.

    Let’s count the dangers!


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