Take Our Children to the Editorial Cartoon Day

Hey Folks — What a treat! After artist Richard Estell saw this anti-Free-Range cartoon in the New York Daily News:

Estell drew a cartoon of his own. (Note what it says on the newspaper in the garbage: Homelessness – Not Funny.) Thanks, Richard!

by Richard Estell

14 Responses

  1. Nice!

    I’m so happy that you’ve allowed yourself to be a lightening-rod for this movement, Lenore. Thanks!

  2. Not sure if you’re aware of this, but the ad directly below this post is an offer for a free sex offender search in your neighborhood. Google has a sense of irony.

  3. Richard – fantastic cartoon and so much better than the first. Well done. *salute*

  4. Great! Hey, did you see these responses to a recent “Awful Library Books” post? 🙂
    http://awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com/2010/06/24/to-catch-a-predator/ (scroll down for comments)

  5. Wait, now the biggest danger of leaving your child in the park to play is that you will forget to go back and get them? That’s the reason that these parents won’t let the kid out of their sight? Severe out of sight-out of mind disease?

  6. Not sure if I’m repeating something mentioned a while back, but great May 7 article David L Katz, MD
    “Children used to play outside. They used to have physical education and recess during the school day. More and more, we take naturally rambunctious children, send them to schools from which recess and Phys Ed have been all but banished, bolt them to chairs all day long, and then watch them grow into adults we can’t get off couches with crowbars! And, alas, along the way we medicate more and more of them for attention disorders. Could it be that WE are the ones who have not been paying sufficient attention to the natural, healthy restlessness of children?”


  7. Awesome cartoon!
    I’m so glad I found this site. It has saved my sanity in more than one way.

    Just now my 3 older kids (7 1/2, 8 1/2 and 10) took off for the playground around the corner from our house. For the last 2 weeks or so they have spent every day at the park (at least a couple hours each day). Those are hours of near blissful quiet for me although I still have a 4yo at home who mostly accepts that she isn’t old enough to go to the park without me.

  8. OMG patsycat, that was the funniest set of comments ever! And the cartoon that Estell did is fantastic. I agree…homelessness is not funny!

  9. Love the cartoon. OMGoodness, patsycat, that book is too much!! Thanks for sharing. R. Federman, kudos. My thoughts exactly.

  10. Tanya – was quoting from that article — so on point, right? I agree with Jen Connelly, site has saved my sanity too

  11. I love that second cartoon. The first just goes to show how many people can’t imagine giving their kids the freedom to play in a park on their own.

  12. When my kids are passing through the park a bit after dark I actually take comfort in the homeless drunks. I believe they WILL act if they register something untoward and WILL be a deterrent to some predator (not that I believe there are a lot of those). Really. I know they are decent people, just terribly pickled. Once, when I tore a ligament in the middle of town and was hurt, while I waited for the ambulance, the ONLY one taking any notice, who sat down and tried to comfort me, was a drunk as a skunk homeless woman. Just sayin’.

  13. […] Take Our Children to the Editorial Cartoon Day « FreeRangeKids […]

  14. Good job. Its about time we raise our kids with reason and perspective.

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