Watch Out for — EVERYTHING! A “Do-It-Yourself Consumer Warning”

Oh, Readers: How I wish I’d created this! Bravo!!!  — Lenore

19 Responses

  1. The full comic panel shows up in Google Reader!

  2. *Laughing like crazy*

  3. Very good. Only I think column A should include, “Your grandma.” 😉

  4. Add overflow: scroll to the CSS for the picture. (Says the man who’s been learning more about Web dev than is really good for him…)

  5. LOL! Awesome.

  6. ‘This content has been blocked by your web filter. Reason: violence”

    The irony!

  7. The comic does not appear on this page. Fix?

  8. This link is not blocked by my web filter, but the others are.

  9. I love it! Borgman is great – not just for the comic strip “Zits” but also for his editorial cartoons.

    Another one – not quite as funny, but just as relevant – is the “Building Community” poster from the Syracuse Cultural Workers, your quality purveyor of all sorts of lefty liberal pinko progressive common-sense posters, T-shirts, lapel pins, tote bags, post cards, etc. I love SCW – what a great bunch of old and new hippies who are still on message and needed now more than ever. The “Community” poster is wonderful – 40 or so simple hints (Say hello to a neighbor/ Bake bread and share it/ Host a block party…) to building a better local world. Charmingly illustrated, and there is also a Spanish version that is a great bilingual primer. The two look great framed side by side, as they are in the lobby of the non-profit I work for. Lenore, you should really try to get SCW to let you run this poster at FRK – it’s very on-topic and quite inspiring.

  10. So funny!!! I loved it…

  11. Unfortunately the “so” is usually not simply “don’t overdo it” but “agitate for laws restricting (fill in the blank)”, “push your kids’ school to establish a policy banning (fill in the blank)” and “sue the crap out of anyone who knowingly exposes you to (fill in the blank)”.

  12. Need to remove the Liberalism from the causes . Guess I can figure out the political leaning of this cartoonist. Nice way to sneak in a dig I guess.

  13. So a Dead Sea Scroll found that cell phones cause a bloated feeling in 4 out of 5 dentists. Cool!

  14. Really, Vince? You had to work hard to find the one word that would offend you didn’t you? Clearly the cartoonist is also anti-Pam and Jay Leno as well.

  15. I hadn’t noticed the “Liberalism”. I hope the joke is just that people throw around “Liberal” as a dirty word. Although if that were the case, I would think “Conservatism” would also be included.

    Personally I’m tired of people using political views as derogatory terms. Neither Conservatives nor Liberals want to destroy the country.

  16. @Happy Nat: I am not upset that it was in included. I am more disappointed that it was the ONLY one included. Sort of like profiling I guess…

  17. So why be “disappointed” that a cartoonist has a political leaning, and shows it? Is that a problem, either way?

  18. Awesome!!!!!

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