Just Fun — Absolutely No Point. Just an Upper

Hi Readers!- It’s Sunday. Let’s have a little fun. We can worry about the way the world is going, but later. I, for one, needed this! — Lenore (who, yes, also also worried about her falling off the countertop. But she didn’t. So enjoy.)  

11 Responses

  1. Fall off the countertop? In my experience as a former climber and the aunt of a climber, children just don’t do that.

  2. It’s like Broadway for little kids.

  3. That never gets old. lol Thanks Lenore. Brings me back to my early childhood days of climbing up on top of the dresser, towel tucked inside the back collar of my t-shirt, and jumping off onto my bed yelling “up, up and away”. lol

  4. My favorite line: “I can do anything good!”

  5. An interview with this awesome kid…

  6. I loved it, too. Alas, apparently the link is not to the original source of the clip, & the original source has asked for it to be removed because they have a “revenue sharing agreement” with YouTube. Sigh.

    I actually don’t fault the “re-poster,” I fault the original poster, even if it’s their material. I assume (not positive, I looked it up, couldn’t find information) that a “revenue sharing agreement” with YouTube means watchers of the original video would have to sit through a commercial first. And frankly, I’m sick & tired of having to deal with freaking advertising everywhere. Maybe I was wrong but I contacted the original source & chided them for thinking of commercialism where it regards simply sharing a beautiful moment in your child’s life. I just can’t STAND advertising, and avoid it as much as I can.

  7. Oh my. What a great video! This is exactly the kind of thing I find my grandson doing quite frequently. Such a climber, that boy! And a talker! Chatterbox and a half. He wanders about singing random made up songs all. the. time.

    Can’t imaging where he picked up that habit…


  8. Dang, video removed from youtube. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  9. @Mike. The video is out there, it just belongs to someone else, the link here was from a “re-poster” & the original source complained so it was pulled. I know where it is located at the original source, the thing is the owner has a “revenue sharing” agreement with YouTube so you have to tolerate ads to see it.

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