Jeff Lewis Comedy: Dad, What’s This Game Called “Tag”?

Hi Readers! After I laughed out loud three times — sorry, “LOL’d” — I had to share this:

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  1. That was too funny! Thanks for posting it.

  2. LOL!! Thanks for making my Friday that much better Lenore. The only thing that makes me go hmmmmm, is how the father looked perplexed, then annoyed when he realized his own kids didn’t know how to play tag or hide and seek. Shouldn’t he have taught them that when they were younger? lol Funny and “educational” (for the parent).

  3. That was AWESOME! I’m sharing it on my blog. Thanks for the Friday laugh.

  4. Let’s all go outside and play “IT”!!

  5. I may have just squirted my drink out of my nose. Thanks for that.

  6. I can hold my head high now, since my kids regularly play “Ghost in the Graveyard”, “Hide and Seek”, and “It”. Err, I mean, “Tag”. 🙂

  7. Too funny, especially with two actors from “The Guild”.

  8. OMG, that is hilarious.

  9. Just shared this with my 9 yo. Her reaction was ” OMG how come they don’t know how to play those games? They are like robots!”

  10. @Erics No, not really. There’s tons of childrens’ stuff that’s taught and kept entirely by children. Games like tag, hopscotch or whatnot, strange urban legends and weird rules – all this is living memory among a certain age group. Oral tradition.

    If that breaks down, it will be hard to reestablish and it is a sure sign that the kids are micromanaged and have not enough contact among their peers.

  11. I am sad to report that my son’s elementary school made Tag against the rules on the recess playground. And then they had to be clearer and make “chasing” against the rules (someone could fall and get hurt). And then carrying another child was also outlawed. It went on and on.

    I’m surprised he knows how to walk.

  12. Excellent video — Lenore, how ’bout using part of this clip when you speak to groups?

  13. Vickie- Ooohhhh! Ghost in the graveyard! I remember that! I haven’t played that in years! I am so going to have to teach my son that one!

  14. Thank you Lenore. Right up our alley!

  15. […] it?  No further comment from us other than, “Get out and play.”  Thanks again to the ever perspicacious Lenore Skenazy for bring this video to […]

  16. My kids and I were laughing do hard and then my hubby came over to see what it was all about. He then informed me two of the people are from The Guild, whatever that is. Anyways, I am so gonna put this on my blog, too funny!

    My kids know how to play those games very well. =D

  17. I can’t stop laughing. This is hilarious.

  18. That is so incredibly awesome. I need to put that on my site, too.

  19. Awesome.

  20. Actually, all four of those actors have been in The Guild, for those who care.

    I kinda wish they’d make a bleeped out version. My kids would love this but they’re repeater types. The few choice words would be all over school the next day.

  21. Oh my God, that’s funny!

  22. Yes, that is funny. Some kids are really just about that bad.

    My 3½ and 1½ year old already play outside alone in stretches. They have, from birth, been expected to entertain themselves. The TV is hardly ever on. They do fine. They’re expected to do fine.

    End of story.


  23. bahahahahahahahaha that was great!

  24. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah………..

  25. Thanks for a great laugh.

  26. Tragically funny, ludicrously true.

  27. My chest hurts from laughing. My husband says there can’t be anything THAT funny. But it is! I’ve been around these kids!!! Debating on I should FB share it with the FBomb and Lord’s Name in Vane. . . . But its Funny. And True! Maybe I’ll give warning to my hoity friends. 😉

  28. @paul, actually 3 actors from The Guild. The younger sibling was in S2 I think as the younger sibling.

  29. Thank you (google)

  30. After watching this, my view of my kids has changed….from crazy wild things that are always tearing around like bats out of hell…. to enlightened tag-playing geniuses. Thanks for my renewed sense of appreciation!

  31. An hour later, I’m still giggling about ‘whats the other person called’…

  32. Only three LOL’s? I laughed until my 15 year old daughter* had to come see what had me so hysterical! Thanks for posting that–it made my day!

    *who knows how to play Kick the Can

  33. Oh by the way, Lenore–I forgot to say, no need to “LOL.” Go ahead, just do “laughing out loud” all you want to. Me personally, I avoid the usage of such Internet abbreviations like the plague. (VCR & DVD etc, to me that’s different than “IIRC” and “TTYL”and “l8r” etc.)

    All the young people (and let’s face it, you & I aren’t young chronologically-speaking, ha ha), I tell them all the time–save that sort of thing for the text-messaging, and even then only if you’re using a flip-phone (no QWERTY) and-or you don’t have enough space. But please–none of that TTYL or L8R business in more formal writing. I can’t stand it.

    (Not picking on you at all, just the whole mentality out there of people using L8R etc in formal writing vs just in texting.)


  34. Ah, Larry, and here I am and I say “LOL” out loud! (Lole, if you’re curious. AND YES I REALLY DO.)

  35. Can’t laugh, too busy crying…

    Every year I have to teach a substantial number of kids what the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” is, and how to play it.

    And I have to teach it to them if I want them to have at least ONE tool for settling conflicts without violence.

  36. Hi so so funny, working in an afterschool club where the children play IT not tag most days im there i couldn’t imagine having to explain to pay tag! But could someone please share with me how to play Ghost in the graveyard isthing like stuck in the mud??

  37. anyone find it funny the “kids” were adults? lol

  38. Michelle, I was wondering if that was part of the joke – still needing to bring his kids along with him instead of leaving them home alone at a late teen age.

  39. Just in case none of you know this, several of the actors for this web show are also on The Guild a web series about Gaming Geeks! It is really funny!

  40. Tag, Hide and Seek, I’ve played. But what is Ghost in the Graveyard? Never heard of that one (and I played outside all the time as a kid).

  41. I thought I was going to get stuck on the use of “gay” but the laughter soon began. Yes, this is hysterical, but spoiled by the ignorant perpetuation of a pejorative term.

  42. Dawn, Ghost in the Graveyard is sort of like “Hide and Seek” in reverse. Google it, there are some great explanations.

    My 16 year old came to see what I was laughing at and loved it too!

  43. If it wasn’t so funny, and it is, it would be sad.

    Ever have college kids around to help prep for a party? How many know how to play games? How many know how prepare simple foods with potato peelers, paring knives, open a can? Plus MORE!!!

    Asked what they wish they had learned before leaving home is AMAZING!

    How about budgeting, take care of checking accounts/credit cards. Laundry, cooking simple meals. Making a bed??? How and to who does one go to maintain a car? Iron a shirt? Sew up a hem or sew a button on? ASK what your kid knows! SURPRISE!!!!

  44. I had to share this one… oh my lord. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. LMAO!!!

  45. […] Tag is Primal, if you’re doing it right. […]

  46. That was great, thanks Lenore!

  47. I really enjoyed it too . . . v funny.

    Must admit when I told my boys to go out and play “Cops & robbers’ or ‘cowboys & indians’ a few years ago they gave me the blank look . . .

  48. I’ve just had to google “ghost in the graveyard”; must be a north american game but it sounds like a mixture of ‘kick the can’ and ‘stuck in the mud’ which we played at kids

  49. OK. Jeff Lewis with the teenagers looks just like Brian Huskey and the two small kids from the Toyota Sienna ads, fast-forwarded about 10 years.

  50. I was watching this at work (I know, naughty Kitty), but I started laughing so hard, silently, you know, when your body just heaves up and down but you are not allowed to make noise, that I also started crying. Now coworkers are asking “What’s wrong” and I need to let them know that I JUST SAW THE MOST HILARIOUS CLIP EVAH!! Thanks for the laugh. I found this on Mark’s Daily Apple and he linked it from your site…awesome! (and yes, I have an awesome free-range son!)

  51. It would have been much more funny if they could have done the sketch without lacing in the profanity.

  52. Amen!

  53. Sad but true. Check out the following video to see a real game of tag. The kids laughter will make your day!

  54. ha ha, good laugh thats really funny pile on people

  55. i like your blog very good.

  56. thank Goodness for this site! I just got an earful from the pumpkin patch. I left my 9 yr ole with a 10 yr old pal to go into the maze and the fun things they had set up but they weren’t even allowed in, then I got a call about how much gall I had to leave a 9 year old. What has happened in the world? I used to do fun things like that alone at that age. It’s even in my diary at the time to prove it! But reading all the posts makes me feel better. I’m making a card for my son.

  57. i like comedy that is why i always look for funny videos on metacafe and youtube,,*

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