That’s the Spirit!

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From a golf course in Phoenix, where they sure know how to have a good ol' time!

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  1. Goes to show, golf is not recreation. LOL

    Can’t walk or run. No problem, skipping and hopping are still allowed.

    Can we declare a National Ignore A Sign Day?

  2. signs, signs, everywhere signs. blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind. do this, don’t do that; can’ you read the signs?

  3. “Golf is a good walk spoiled” – Mark Twain

  4. No walking? So I guess those who use this course must use carts which just leads to more overweight people. However, if too many carts get on the course and waste precious resources like gas and electricity, then everyone will just have to get back to walking to each hole!

  5. LOL! Happy Friday!

  6. Golf is HUGE in my family (and community) and from what I can tell, the fun comes from laughing at how your friends suck and hitting on the waitresses/golf pros.

  7. Lenore, maybe I’m missing something (it was a long night) but how do I contact you? I want to send you an email but I can’t find anywhere on here to do so. Thanks!


  8. Ah, a golf course for dead people.

  9. They could have at least gotten the sign grammatically correct!

  10. The sign in and of itself is funny, but context is everything. Golf courses tend to have golf balls flying around on them. Perhaps what they mean to say is that this particular spot isn’t a good place to go for a jog.

  11. Agreed. A golf ball in flight can be a very dangerous thing. Unless you’re part of the game you’d best stay off the fairway. I think that’s what this poorly-worded sign is getting at.

  12. I… don’t understand, I guess. Are they supposed to only ride in golf carts and behave all stoic like? But, I mean, golf is a recreational activity that involves walking… or is this for one of those places where you’re just hitting the ball as far at you can for practice and not actually playing the game? In which case you’d think “do not enter” would suffice.

  13. So, are they supposed to army crawl around the golf course? Pogo stick maybe? Wait, I’m sure that’s recreational. Unicycle?

  14. No problem, I’ll pass that sign crawling.

  15. Signs like this encourage anarchic responses!

  16. That’s priceless! They must have seen my son do the “Happy Gilmore” swing with his driver. 🙂

  17. I want to play golf here just to skip or hop or jump rope between holes.

  18. King Krak, that made me laugh out loud!

  19. A lot of parents really are that bad. They yell “no running!” to their kids–in the park. Poolside with that wet, slick concrete is one thing–but the park? I’m forever shaking my head (SMH, as the young ones say) at that whenever I witness it.


  20. I knew there was a reason I never liked gold. Gesh!

  21. perhaps they are a colony of avid cartwheelists or somersaultists

  22. LOL. But my DH, an avid golfer (hey, he’s also got some good points 🙂 ), assures me that basically the point is to keep non-golfers off the course because they tend to behave in ways (i.e. to ignore or fail to understand what the golfers are doing) that can lead to them getting seriously injured by, as others have mentioned, a flying golf ball. In contrast, golfers can walk safely because they understand what’s going on and why they need to pay attention to the spacing between them and other golfers and so forth. Also, the golfers have typically paid to be on the course which walkers, runners, and those darn recreational types 🙂 have not. As a would-be walker who’d enjoy walking around the course at times, I do find this frustrating, but there it is.

    There are times when DH has to pay for a cart whether he uses one or not, but I’m not aware of him actually ever being required to use one at least on the courses he typically plays (and of course even then, there are plenty of spots on courses where carts aren’t allowed but golf balls, and thus golfers, go. I do know that some courses encourage cart use at crowded times, because it speeds up folks’ progress along the course.

  23. That it a STUPID sign:-)

  24. Haha this should be sent to FAIL Blog 😉

  25. When I take my girls golfing, they not only have fallen into sand traps and seen an alligator, but also, gasp!, drive the golf cart.

  26. I suspect that bogart’s right, and this is sign is basically shorthand for:

    “Guys (and girls) wearing strange combinations of plaids are hitting hard little balls around this course. Those balls will be traveling at high velocity, and if said balls hit you, they WILL hurt, and can possibly maim or even kill.”

    “Therefore, unless you’re actually, you know, *golfing* on this golf course (and have paid us for the privilege), keep out!”

    “Plus, our insurance company and our lawyers made us do it.”

    Having actually seen someone get hit by a golf ball (it got him in the eye, as I recall–my track coach would have been proud, I’ve never run 127 yards so fast in my life), I *do* understand the motivation to keep un-involved people away from the danger.

  27. I’d like to see how they reinforce this…

  28. “Golf, a game in which men chase a little white ball because they’re too old to chase anything else.”

    Although I have never taken up the “Royal and Ancient Game”, I can relate to their desire to keep clueless non-golfers off the course. We have the same problem in railroading (both historic and commercial)–people wandering along the right of way, crossing the track without looking and even setting up wedding-party photos on an active railway. At least trains are large and heavy, and equipped with horns and other warning devices. Can’t say that for golf balls. (although catalogs with sections for golfers have such a variety of gadgets, how about a ball with a tiny audio system that shouts “Heads up!” or “Incoming!!”?)

  29. We could collect signs of this ilk from all over the country. People love to control “other people” and tell them what they can’t do.

  30. The last entry reminds me of a sign a farmer put up on his cow pasture fence:
    “Can you cross this field in ten seconds? Our bull can cross it in nine.”
    “Have you had your dinner? Our Doberman hasn’t.”

    As a retired electric utility employee, I can testify that there are many places where unauthorized people don’t belong and can be badly hurt or even fried to a crisp if they do get in. Most of us have enough sense to stay out of electric substations, and off of transmission-line towers, but for some you have to spell it out, sometimes in two or three languages.

  31. @Bob Davis — a fair point. Many years ago (shortly after the Berlin wall came down) I was traveling with a friend in Eastern Europe and we were at a pool that had a statue in it (!), on the base of which there were boards (installed) with rusty nails pointing up through them. I pointed at them and commented on the (apparent) difference in litigiousness between US and Eastern European societies and he shrugged and said, “Hey, those can be understood in any language.”

  32. Kind of makes it hard to actually golf, I would think. Unless it’s a golf course for those with telekinetic powers…

  33. Um, it is a GOLF course, you realize.

  34. What is golf, then, if not recreational activity?

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  36. The only thing that should be prohibited is the use of that font!

    (I thought it was the much overused Papyrus at first, but actually it’s Rusticana)

  37. There’s a golf course on the hills above me with a hiking trail right next to me. It always mystifies me, as I hike past the course, why people would pay so much money on gear and tee times to enjoy a fake wilderness when right next to it is a beautiful landscape with incredible views. I can’t see golf as anything other than something middle aged men do to impress other middle aged men.

    So for me, this sign makes perfect sense. 🙂

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  39. Oh boo to the party poopers of the world!Is fun dead?

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