And Speaking of Perv-o-mania:

Check this out. If I could figure out how to show you the picture here, I would. But I can’t, so click and enjoy! (Or whatever.) — L

P.S. Ah! Thanks to my friend Floyd, HERE is the object in question!

And in the words of one of you brilliant commenters: Also watch out for anyone who might pedo-feel-ya!

28 Responses

  1. The fact that “pedophiles” was spelled incorrectly should give an indication of how useful this item is.

  2. So, is this a file kept on children or people who like to walk?

  3. ::facepalm::

    Someone needs to find a receipt from that store for a Video Barbie.

  4. Actually they are (R) legally required to put that on all reciepts ever since the girraff exposed himself at the park.

  5. It’s a file generated by your pedometer. Those are SCARY!

  6. And watch out for anyone who might pedofeel-ya.

  7. I’m way more concerned about the BPA in the crappo toys that Toys R Us sells than I am about pedophiles hanging out in the parking lot. Does that make me a bad person?

  8. This brings me back to about 1973, when I was a wee little preschooler, sitting around on the sidewalk (unsupervised—gasp!) in front of our house on a summer day. My mom came out and said, “Now Mollie, if a man comes over to you and shows you his penis, I want you to come home right away.” I think I looked with anticipation at every single guy who walked down the street for years after that. “Is this going to be the one?” I would wonder.

    It just seemed so outrageously unlikely that anyone would do that, but hey, it does happen sometimes… it happened in 1973, it happened in 1573, and it will happen in 2073 (if the polar ice caps don’t melt off and drown you first).

    Point being: why is it that back in my childhood, when the density of per-capita pedophiles and perverts was the same as today, we all just carried on about our business, and today, we are all acting as though it’s a certainty that if we take our eyes off of our kids for one second, the creep in the bushes will spring out and grab them?

    Seriously. This is textbook hysteria. I’m sick to death of it.

  9. [IMG][/IMG]

  10. Sorry, I thought it would show the picture. I’ll put it on the facebook page.

  11. Yes, watch out for them cuz they are walking around with a sign around their neck saying “Hi, I am a Pedophile!” Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  12. Um, is that some sort of secretary?

  13. And somehow no one seems to notice the item at the bottom.” Mad Balls from the Sick-O series” What the *@#% is that!

  14. So, the people from TRS want to drive us to drink! Glad you posted that one, if nothing else to show just how ridiculous these people really are.

  15. Perhaps it’s a file on childs’ feet, another name for a pumice stone? Maybe it’s a promotion like, “Hey! watch out for Star Wars Lego!” but with pumice stones.

  16. BobB: If you search the Toys ‘R’ Us website for “mad balls” you get nothing. I’m starting to think this receipt is a doctored up prank.

  17. Kristin…

    There site might not have them listed, but they are unfortunately a product. Heh.

  18. Uhg. “Their”, not “there”.

    (Note to self: wait for the Excedrin to kick in, THEN post.)

  19. It’s definitely a fake. The color of the background behind “OFILES” is dramatically different than any other spot on the receipt, indicating it was just pasted in over top of whatever PED word was actually there (PEDESTRIANS?). The text of OFILES is also a different size and angle. Look at the size and shape of the letter L. Now look at every other L on the receipt. There are none that are close to the same shape and size. This is a fake.

  20. In England, a female “paediatrician” was under siege because the local idiot mob thought “paedophile” and “Paediatrician” were one and the same thing.

    The riot and uproar was enough to cause that country to put off “naming and shaming” for several years…they have now Gone American, unfortunately, in spite of the studies showing such tactics put children in more danger.

    It’s not about saving kids, it’s about getting votes.

  21. Peter, it looks like the same font to me. Plus, if it was “pedestrians,” then that line wouldn’t be centered. But it is when you use “pedofile.” And you can see the return poicy through the receipt that’s printed on the back through the word.

    I think this must be like a fast food marquee, where they can pick their own message for the day or something.

  22. Peter is right, it’s photoshopped. The word “pedestrians” has two more characters, which would make the line center under the address.

    Plus, look carefully: The character after the PED is a zero, not an O. FIL was probably cut from REFILL below, and the ES from MOVIEFIGURES. The allinement of each is slightly different.

    And, as Peter mentioned, the background is different. It’s been whited out and repasted. Look at the line “Please give gift receipts”, the text does not white out the faint blue background. But the pedo line does.

    Other clues: Powder refill for 0.30-0.06? That’s a gun reference, rifle ammo. Don’t think Toys R Us sells ammunition. Mad Balls Sick-O Series? Haha, really funny.

    100% fake.

  23. The Powder refill is for the “Hydronator”. It’s a water gun. The powder is a colouring agent, I believe.
    Madballs are those annoying balls with disturbing faces on them that children somehow love.

  24. “Pedofiles?”

    Since Toys-r-Us sells stuff to kids (PED-) and the keep FILES of all sales interactions, wouldn’t those technically be the “pedofiles?”

  25. WOW! Now I’ve seen everything. What a bunch of tards.

  26. Actually…after closer examination, that receipt has been doctored. “Watch” and “OFILES” have been added. If you look at the writing on the back that’s coming through. You’ll notice a whited out block behind those to words. Bad Photoshop job. lol

  27. […] we have to admit to being somewhat baffled by the "Beware of Pedofiles" warning on a store receipt issued in Staten Island, NY. Typo notwithstanding, it's no doubt well-intended, if a little […]

  28. Wow, if I got this on a receipt anywhere, I would be screaming at the store manager for an hour, very, very loudly.

    It would start with, “Oh, can you point out the pedophiles in your store right now. Please, I’m waiting, please point them out.”

    And then when s/he says, “Oh, we don’t have any right now.” I’d be replying, that’s not what your receipt implies.

    I would go on…”Oh, I guess you then have it on your receipts because half of your employees are pedophiles. Can you please point those ones out to me? And, is telling your customers that you have a pedophile employee problem really the most effective way to deal with it?”

    And then I’d wait for a new receipt to be printed that has this stypid line removed. If they won’t do that, I return the merchandise purchased, again, talking up how this store thinks half of its customers and employees are pedophiles.

    Yeah, fear-nonsense like this really incenses me.

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