Exploding Truck Falling into Grand Canyon River Accidents: Preventable?

Ah, can I get a job at The Onion? I want to be on this panel!

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  1. That was too funny! I couldn’t stop laughing. The Onion is great.

    We all know that one person killed by a falling truck while white water rafting is one too many.

  2. Genius!

  3. I LOVE The Onion. Funny how a satirical news site is a breath of fresh (sane) air!

  4. Classic!

  5. lol! I say they should blame the human brain. If it weren’t for the human brain evolving, we would have never invented rafting, fuel, and trucks. Hell, if the humans never evolved, we’d be content living in trees and living off the land, which would have been untarnished by human cultivation. Blame evolution people! Oh, and our offsprings would be encouraged to run amoke and learn on their own.

  6. Great. Now I have to go buy some kevlar so we can walk under cliffs. hmmm. Maybe I should start a company to sell bottom cliff rafting kevlar devices? Thanks!!!!!

  7. Oh, thank you! I needed that laugh!

  8. Posting from the future now, are we?

  9. Let’s just roof over all the canyons so trucks can’t fall off them.

  10. Thanks for the warning. I had looked into a rafting trip for my family through the Grand Canyon. After seeing that report I think we’ll spend our summer vacation nice and safe in our living room watching some adventure movies together, all the excitement, none of the danger 🙂

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  12. It’s obvious the solution is 10 foot high flame proof walls around the canyons. And with the no fly zones above, they should be safer…

  13. Nanci – please be careful. I’ve heard about some TV’s exploding. Make sure you sit far away from the screen, the next room over should suffice…

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lenore Skenazy, Trish Arnott. Trish Arnott said: RT @FreeRangeKids: Exploding Truck Falling into River Accidents: Preventable? (2 min vid from The Onion): http://bit.ly/fXPUlo […]

  15. I laughed as hard as the first time I saw this…..Love The Onion… This is perfect after the 14 million births….. one snatching in America’s hospitals frenzy

  16. What a ridiculous question! Of course it happens all the time. What else can one do with an exploding truck? Prevention doesn’t come into it. Just stay right away from any truck within a 10 km buffer of any precipice, especially a big one!

  17. Not having a television and being behind on my radio news I was first wildly concerned for the victims…… Then I laughed my head off.
    That was a fabulously accurate depiction of the aftermath of such an event, note the lack of emphasis on random tragedy and the loss of particular people in favor of the severe focus on preventable, blame worthy policy and lack of “common sense”.
    Really! I cry my eyes out not that I think of it (the twisted take news media presents to reinforce such things)

  18. oh…..This was my favorite line out of the whole thing…..

    “That road was just an exploding truck falling rafting accident waiting to happen”

  19. As much as I loved the featured clip, I really loved the one about the Apple laptop without a keyboard being sarcastically touted as revolutionary, especially the part about the guy saying he’d buy it because it’s shiny & has Apple written on it.

    At the risk of offending anyone, and I know it’s off-topic of free-range–but to me, that really does describe so many Apple fans. I swear it seems as if Apple could come out with an iToilet, complete with a sealed-up water tank for a “seamless form factor” (no jiggling the handle when it goofs up, though) and require you to buy your toilet paper from them at $5 per roll–and people would still buy it and call it “a great user experience.” My goodness.

    But I’m getting off-topic.


  20. Love the Onion… Go there every couple months and catch up on the videos. Thanks for reminding me.

  21. I just thought I’d make a personal request that you delete Pagula’s comment. I’m fairly certain it’s SPAM.

  22. I loved this Onion video!

    Not sure if you watch or not, but here’s a link to Rick Mercer’s (an awesome Canadian tv personality who comments on mostly politics – his show is “The Rick Mercer Report”…serisouly, check out other videos of him!) rant about fear mongoring on the weather network —

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtoX9kfpyYg .

    I laugh all the time because I live in Saskatchewan — I’m not sure about everyone else, but when I moved here I sort of expected it to be cold and snowy. Actually I expected it to be worse than it is. I don’t know why we get winter weather warnings and such…isn’t it obvious? Soon we’re going to have to warn people about the wetness of water or remind people that they need to blink or their eyes will feel too dry! Life doesn’t need to be so complicated people! Thank goodness for the sanity of few to at least put up a front against the masses!

  23. Here’s an old article from the Onion (1996) that I found during a Google search. It explains how the Grand Canyon, and the whole Earth for that matter, can be made safer for all.


  24. @Larry: You are my new BFF. I call those people the iCult.

  25. I wish I would have watched this video a couple of years ago before we went on our trip to the Grand Canyon. I spent the whole time on the water enjoying the scenery and having a good time. Now I realize, I should have been terrified!!!!! Can I sue someone for not letting me know the potential danger I was in?? Isn’t that like neglience or something?

    Haha Hilarious!

  26. The Grand Canyon is a dangerous place to be and none of this would have happened if the canyon was closed to tourists in the first place! After all, have you read Death in Grand Canyon?

  27. To the other jen:
    Yes! You can sue the federal government for making it a national park! 🙂

  28. OMG feel so sorry to hear that

  29. Good stuff!! Thanks for the laugh, Lenore:0)

  30. @truck auctions… maybe you were just being sarcastic, but just so you know, Onion new is fake news designed to make fun of the media and such. So this didn’t really happen.

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