Remember Leiby Thru “Acts of Lovingkindness” — Statement By His Parents

Hello, Readers: This is a wonderful thing, this statement by Leiby’s parents, asking the world to remember him by doing good deeds for each other. It doesn’t mention anything about distrusting strangers or men or the  “crazy world” we live in, it is about bringing us together, not apart. Bless them and their son’s memory.  – L

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  1. Wow. To write something like that after experiencing such a horrible tragedy ….

  2. That was beautiful and really brought tears to my eyes. In college, I was heavily involved with the Hasidic Jewish student center, SUNY at Albany’s “Shabbos House”. The Rabbi and his wife always give the best advice, always open their hearts and home to anyone at any time and really live a life of charity and love. I am not the least bit surprised that Leiby’s parents wrote that lovely statement.

  3. Bless them and their son – I hope that they realize what a good deed they have done by memorializing their son thus.

  4. What amazing people. I am so glad that they have their strong faith to help them find some sort of comfort in the face of such a horrifying experience. I will keep them, and sweet Leiby in my prayers. Then I will find someone that needs some help, and I will help them.

    Then, I will look upward, smile, and give Leiby a wink.

  5. Beautiful. Bless them.

  6. Wow, that moved me to tears. What amazing people to be able to write something so eloquent after their son’s death. I agree with K above that Lieby’s parents have done a good deed by memorializing their son in that way. May they find comfort in their faith. Bless them.

  7. What a beautiful statement of faith in both God and community.

  8. Living in this community and knowing the family, this is the greatest memorial to a child’s life taken from us so soon. Let’s not forget the “Strangers” who came out to search for Leiby and then the “strangers” who participated in his funeral and the “strangers” who are contributing thousands of dollars to his memorial fund.

  9. That was beautiful.

  10. Beautiful.

  11. What strength. How does one go on?

  12. I have forced myself to be detached from this story for the sheer horror of it all, but after reading this the tears have flowed freely. What beautiful hearts they have, and how blessed Leiby was to have parents like them. Thank you for sharing this.

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