Come to My Free-Range Picnic, Sat., June 23 — Or One of These!

Hi Folks! In the interest of us starting to find each other AND have fun, Sat., June 23 is Free-Range Picnic Day! I’m hosting one in Monroe, New York (an hour and 20 mins from the city — reachable by car or bus), and some of YOU are hosting picnics, too! Below are the invites so far. If you would like to organize a picnic in YOUR neck of the woods — great. Just put the info in a comment, below. In a few days I’ll post about this again, with all the latest parties. Welcome summer!


Date: Sat., June 23 (rain date: Sunday, June 24)

Time: 2- 10 p.m.

Place: Rosmarins Cottages, 12 School Road, Monroe, NY 10950

Directions by car (and pix of the place!):

By bus: Take the Short Line bus from Port Authority to Monroe, NY at 1:15 or 3:10 (an hour and 20 min ride). We’ll pick you up from the bus (a 5 min ride).

Bring: Something yummy and bathingsuits!

RSVP and questions:

*    *


Date: Sat, June 23 (rain date: Sun. June 24)

Time: 2 – 5 p.m.

Place: Titlow Beach

Bring: A dish to share, shoes and towels for the kids who go crabbing on the rocky beach.


*  *


Date: Sat., June 23 (rain date: Sun, June 24)

Time: 11 a.m . – 1 p.m.

Place: Ebright Creek Park (1317 212th Ave SE, Sammamish, WA 98074)

Bring: Kids ready to play and have fun with new friends AND a picnic lunch for your family.

Hosts: Adam and Melanie

RSVP and questions:

Official online invite, click here.

*  *


Time: 1 p.m.
Place: Montrose Park (Corner of Rollins Ave and Congressional Ln)
Host: Anna
RSVP: (and if you are a Free-Range family who wants to meet up but can’t make it that day, please email anyway and we’ll meet!)
Note: Party is on as soon as at least one other family RSVPs!
*  *
A Free-Range, old-fashioned, play outside block party!
DATE: Sat., June 23
PLACE:  Laurel Street between Clinton and Powell
TIME: Anytime after 3 p.m. and stay for the potluck.
BRING: Food and other balls and game equipment. Also, your own eating-ware (plates, utensils), as this will be a no-waste event, too. Here’s the Facebook page. (5 families already coming!)
*  *
Maggie in Eastern Lucas County would like to co-host a picnic.  If you’re interested, tell us in the comments, below, and I’ll forward her your note and email.
* *
Date: Sat., June 23 (rain date? This is Phoenix! If it rains, we’ll dance in it and enjoy every moment!)
Time: 4:30 – dark
Place: Country Gables Park, 85053
Bring: A dish to share. I’ll bring paper plates, utensils, drinks and also some food to share, of course!
RSVP: Jenna . (Please do RSVP so we know someone’s coming and won’t be sitting out there, all by our lonesome!)
* *
Christina in Logan Square would love to co-host a picnic there.  If you’re interested, tell us in the comments, below, and I’ll forward her your note and email.
Jump in! Put your Free-Range potluck picnic invite in the comments and I’ll do a new post of all of them in a few days! – L.

Hopefully your picnic will be a little more action-packed!

18 Responses

  1. christina- im interested

  2. I would love to attend a picnic in Logan square, chicago! If we could do a week day or Sunday late afternoon it would be best for me. My son is at his dads on the weekends.

  3. Love this idea. Wish I could go. The best would be to drop off the kids @ 2 and come back @ 10 to pick them up.

  4. I’m a little bummed. We won’t have moved to Alameda yet when the party happens 😦 The week after, we’d be there….but that’s the last week of my packing. ::sigh:: Perhaps next year…….

  5. What a fun idea! To meet your people in real life. Love it. Wish we were going to be up there then but we don’t arrive east for another week. Have fun. And that little place looks amazing!

  6. I am in the Des Moines, Iowa area. Anyone else in central Iowa interested?

  7. Still pining away for the Bungalow Colony.

    I’d love to have a party, but it’s a kid-free weekend for us (all four with the assorted co-parents) so my husband and I will be doing the adult version of Free Ranging, I guess. 😉

  8. The bungalow colony does sound fabulous. I’m pining for it too.

    When my daughter is old enough to actually run around unsupervised, and especially if it is still effectively illegal where I live to let her, I will want to spend some time at that bungalow colony. For now it would just be nice to talk to people who wouldn’t stare at me like I am insane, when I imagine our babies at elementary age walking off together. I’ll have to see if my schedule allows me to travel to the nearest picnic.

  9. Christina, I’m interested in a Logan Square gathering.

  10. I’ve just RSVP’d to the Rockville, MD picnic so it should be happening. I’m looking forward to meeting some fellow free-range parents.

  11. Lucas County, OH, would likely work for me – not sure if we’d wind up going, but as we’re pretty much straight north (south end of Milan, MI) it wouldn’t be that far out of our way…

  12. NW Chicago Suburbs: Who’s in? I’m happy to host, and am in the Arlington Heights/Mount Prospect area. I’ve got a happy 13-month old who loves kids, dogs, and people of all ages. If nobody in the burbs is listening…then Logan Square, I’ll come to you! -Irena

  13. How about somewhere in the Toronto, ON area? Toronto Island? Sunnybrook/Serena Gundy/Wilket Creek park (Eglinton between Bayview & Leslie)? High Park? Mississauga?

  14. GTA folks interested can email me at and we’ll work out a location that’s suitable for as many as possible.

  15. @Jennifer – does a Sunday afternoon work for you? Another Logan Square parent is interested but can’t do Saturdays.

  16. Irena – Logan Square would be happy to have you! Would Sunday the 24th work for you?

  17. Christina – We’ll be hosting a picnic in Mount Prospect on Saturday, from 10am-1pm. (Evite here, for anyone interested: for reaching out – we’d be happy to come to your picnic on Sunday, making it a double-free-range weekend (as long as our Saturday picnic isn’t rained out, in which case it would then move to Sunday). As a side note, I love the Logan Square area and used to live in Wicker Park.

  18. Free Range parents in Nashville TN (I’m in south Nashville/North Franklin area) email me
    Would love to meet like-minded parents in my area

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