Best Sign!

Hey Folks — The Hallmark Channel is or — since I can’t seem to find a 2012 hint of it — WAS  having a Funny Sign Contest, and this one is their poster boy. LOVE it. – L

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  1. LOL!

  2. Ah, yes … beware the fine print. 🙂

  3. First time I’ve seen you highlight something where the thinking is “worst-last”! 🙂

  4. ****coffee spray****

  5. I love the “by the way…the bridge is out” addition at the bottom!

  6. Nice! There is a sign at our local Y pool that says “No extended breath holding.” It is bigger than the “Pool Rules” sign. Next time I see it I’ll send a picture.

  7. Sara, they should just put up a “no drowning” sign. That would take care of everything!

  8. One of my favorites was found in Albuquerque in their botanical garden and read “Please do not attempt to walk on the water.”

  9. Hahahaha, someone has a sense of humour!

  10. Sara, our rec center (Erie, Colorado) pool’s sign is less specific. It simply says, “No Breath Holding”.

  11. I actually can get the ‘no extended breath holding’ in a public pool. My favorite thing to do when younger was go underwater and just hang out under water. My record for holding my breath was 3 minutes and 42 seconds, although more commonly I stayed under for about 2 1/2 minutes (not that long but longer than most people expect to see a kid underwater just floating with a foot or hand hooked under a lower stair so I didn’t float to the top). I had several occurances where concerned citizens (I never really swam anywhere with a lifeguard) came over to make sure I was alive. So I can imagine a lifeguard scanning the crowd and seeing a kid ‘stuck’ on a drain or staircase underwater for multiple minutes would cause a freak-out.

  12. Favorite sign I saw today was a “no left turn” leaving a gas station. Sounds normal, right? Except…

    There was a solid concrete barrier down the middle of the road.

  13. I collect them! I have two favorites. One was in a church parking lot and it said: No hockey No lacrosse No baseball (apparently, it’s OK to play football and basketball out there). Another was in the parking lot of a youth center and it said No Motorized Vehicles, Alcoholic Beverages, Golfing or Dogs. I felt like both signs were less warning signs and more like the prelude to interesting stories.

  14. At our local Six Flags there is a large elaborate ride sign. Apparently people were going up to the sign and messing it up. Now there is a small sign next to the big sign that reads “Please do not touch sign”. Of course I took a picture of my kids touching the small sign. I made sure not to get the big sign in the picture so it’s pretty funny 🙂

  15. An old one outside a computer lab at a college I worked for was somewhat stylish. It had a big red “NO” on the left side and on the right it said, from top to bottom, “SMOKING,” “FOOD,” and “BEVERAGES.”

    Now I was always curious as to whether this meant you weren’t allowed to smoke food beverages in the lab or that you weren’t allowed to bring in smoking food beverages.

    My theory was that if you came in a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast with dry ice (eg, a smoking food beverage), you were in trouble.

  16. @Jespren 2 minutes is a lot, 3 minutes 45 incredible. Most people (both adults and kids) can not hold that long. Nice achievement.

    I would be concerned if I would have seen a kid under the water for 3 minutes not moving, 3 45 I might have try to save you :). I’m not saying that you did something bad, just that I understand those concerned citizens.

  17. That sign can’t possibly be real.

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