Onward to the NEW Free-Range Kids Site! It’s at www.freerangekids.com !

Hi Folks! If you are coming here, it’s good to see you. BUT — this is now my “old” site that will no longer be updated. The new Free-Range Kids site is at freerangekids.com. It’s got some bells and whistles you’ll appreciate, like a link to all sorts of reassuring crime statistics, and a little “store” for things like kiddie t-shirts that say, “Don’t Bother Abducting Me…I’m a Pain in the A**! ” 

The site you are currently on is freerangekids.wordpress.com. So go to freerangekids.com and get up to date! See you there! — L. 


UPDATE: Okay, as often happens with such things, we are having some glitches today in the switchover.  We are aware of them and working on them and hope to have them ironed out soon. Sorry about this! Bear with us! – L.

17 Responses

  1. Can I have one suggestion? A clickable link would help 🙂

  2. Not only would a clickable link help, but I’m pretty sure you can set this site up to automatically redirect to your new one.

  3. You should add a clickable link to your new site so that people can more easily navigate there.

  4. I can’t get to the new site! I keep being redirected back to this one. 😦

  5. WordPress.com will redirect from one of their hosted sites to any other site for the low, low price of $13 a year: http://en.support.wordpress.com/site-redirect/

  6. Also can’t get to new site. Also keep being redirected back to this one.

  7. Things were fine on my phone, but on my PC, I get redirected back to the page I left from…

  8. Same here 😦

  9. I will work on it today!! Fear not! Just give me a little time to make it happen. I don’t want to lose you, either!! — Lenore

  10. Ooh, well, I didn’t realize it cost any money at all.

  11. Nice Post. A Kids Bed can be the center of their space, where they sit and talk with siblings,friends, read a book and relax. Our beds for kids are sturdy.

  12. Thanks for your blog

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