“Only Bad Parents Make Their Kids WALK to School”

Hi Folks! I read this over at RixaRixa and asked if the blogger was game to let me reprint the whole thing. Yes! So here it is, in all its infuriating bureaucrat-brained fullness! We’ve been walking Zari to and from kindergarten. It seemed the most logical of our three options (walk, ride the bus, or […]

Wow! 7th Grader Kidnapped & Released, CONTINUES TO WALK TO SCHOOL!

Readers — Maybe it’s Malaysia that is the land of the free and the home of the brave. This 7th grade boy, Nayati, sure embodies all that — along with a shining optimism. The story (as far as I know) is this: Nayati was recently kidnapped by two men and held for six days, then […]

Outrage of the Week: Mom Ticketed for Letting Boy Walk to School

Readers — I think I need a Valium. Read this. A mom is ticketed for letting her 5.5 year old son walk home from school. Even though she BEGGED the school to let him take the bus. Even though she went to city council meetings and BEGGED the town to put in crossing guards. Even […]

Weds., Oct. 6, is International Walk to School Day!

Hi Folks! Yes, Wednesday is the day for kids to do what they used to do  without it requiring a special event. And let’s hope your school signs on without all the shenanigans of my friend’s school. There, any parent who wants to help out by, say, acting as a crossing guard, must first undergo […]

Hay, Hay! A Great Free-Range Walk to School

Hi Folks! You gotta love this Philly.com story of a young man, 16, who gets to school the old-fashioned way: By horse. His name is Roby Burch and he lives in Gladwyne, a Philly suburb along the Main Line: Burch, a sophomore at the Haverford School, has been riding Jet, his big white Percheron, four […]

Do You Let Your Kids Walk to School?

If so, TV is calling!If you might be interested in seeing your child on network TV, drop a line to Gwen.Gowen@abc.com . She’s doing a piece on — obviously — letting kids walk to school and needs some “real world” examples. Thanks! — L.

Non-Sanctimonious Blog About Today: WALK TO SCHOOL DAY!

Hi Readers — I’m all for walking to school but I never expected such a beautiful blog post about it. Thank you, Massachusetts mom o’ two, Karen Allendoerfer! WHERE WALKING GETS YOU by Karen Allendoerfer I am the PTO Walk-to-School Coordinator for my kids’ elementary school.  I already have 2 kids, a full-time job, and […]

Plan a “Walk to School Day” For Next Weds.

Hi Readers! This coming Weds., Oct. 6 is Walk to School Day. I know, I know — it’s sad we have to actually PLAN what should be an everyday occurence. What next, Brush Your Teeth Day? Put The Toilet Seat Down Day? (Though come to think of it…) But anyway, here’s the official link to the […]

Reporter Seeks Parents Who (Gasp!) Let Their Kids WALK to School

…and have even taken some heat for it. Alternatively, she’s also looking — though it may be hard to find them here — for parents who drive their kids the mere block or two. Or pick them up from the bus stop just down the street. Or…you know. Helicopter them to and from school. Also: […]

Deciding to Let Your Grade Schooler Walk to School

Just got this encouraging post, from a mom who is going to let her grade school daughter walk to school this fall. How did the mom  get comfortable with this idea? Simple! She thought about her ACTUAL NEIGHBORHOOD — not the neighborhoods we see on crime shows and the TV news, crawling with creeps. The one […]