Do We Need to Recall 50 MILLION Blinds?

Hi Readers – As of yesterday, 50 million sets of blinds and shades are being recalled — “virtually every Roman blind and roller shade on the market,” according to this report on Good Morning America, following the deaths of five children.

I cannot imagine how sad the parents of those five children must be. It’s horrible. But to frantically recall 50 million blinds — one of the largest recalls in history — strikes me as overkill. The advice given on the Good Morning America  site seems to be all the information parents really need:

Do not place cribs, beds and furniture close to the windows. Do not give children a chance to climb on them and gain access to the cords.

Make loose cords inaccessible to children.

If the window shade has looped bead chains or nylon cords, you can install tension devices to keep the cord taut.

Five deaths are tragic. But it is impossible to create a world in which even the most remote risk has been eliminated, and it’s not even a good idea to try. When we do, we foster the idea that absolute safety is an achievable goal,  which inevitably means blaming someone anytime anyone ever  gets hurt. This not only leads to crazy lawsuits, it leads to incredible guilt on the part of parents whose kids do hurt themselves, as kids have throughout history, despite the efforts of loving, caring  parents.

Besides, to make sure no one ever died at home again, we’d have to outlaw stairs, chairs, bathtubs, showers, doors, pets, and whatever it is that is making my refrigerator smell like  toxic stuffed cabbage. (Could it be that yummy stuffed cabbage from just six weeks ago? Hmm.) We’d have to outlaw humans, too. Because once  once you throw them into the mix, nothing is safe.   — Lenore