Ski-Range Kids?

Hi Readers — Here’s a nice little letter from the slopes!

Dear Free-Range Kids: I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had this weekend.  I was skiing at a local Colorado resort called Eldora Mountain, about a half hour outside of Boulder.  When skiing it is common practice for “single” skiiers (those skiing without a partner — regardless of marital status) to pair up on two-person chair lifts, rather than riding up alone.

That day, I was skiing alone while two of my sons were in ski school for the day.  I was pleased to discover a number of children ages eight and up skiing by themselves and without the slightest concern about jumping on a chair lift with a complete stranger.  I should point out that I am a late-thirties male — at that point with a few days’ beard growth — practically the poster child for “STRANGER DANGER” that they drill into kids today.  Not one kid as much as blinked to jump on the chair lift with me, and in every case we had nice conversations on the way up.

I was even more surprised and pleased when a mom who was skiing with two kids asked me — the unshaven stranger —   to ride up on the chairlift with her seven year old daughter. That’s a (literal) high! — Jason B.

Outrage of the Week, Cont’d: Kids in Developing Country Doing Better Science!

Hi Folks — Here’s an update from Bree, the Boulder, Colo., mom who sent in her daughter’s No-Science at the Science Fair rules (see post below). Turns out Bree’s parents are living in Myanmar (formerly Burma, as in Shave, as in something you do with a sharp object that children should never get anywhere near) and they happened to visit a local  science fair. Writes Bree:

They told me that not only was EVERYTHING on this restricted list allowed, kids there were actually outperforming kids here in innovation, outlandish ideas, and actual science!!  And they don’t even have electricity, computers, or potable water!  But they were allowed not only to experiment, but also to bring those experiments into their school.

The best part – no one was hurt by plants in soil.

What a relief! And I suppose that a little knowledge turned out not to be a such dangerous thing, either. Time to tell the folks in Boulder!  Or maybe they should just start studying Burmese.– Lenore

Myanmar kids make me hoppy! PHOTO CREDIT: Meneer Zjeroen / CC BY 2.0