Free-Range Kids Outrage of the Week: “Wear Goggles When Putting Up Posters”

As nutty as we think the restrictions on American kids and teachers are getting, England may even be a few steps ahead. In this piece from The Telegraph, teachers tell of regulations that require them to wear goggles  when putting  up  posters with “Blue-Tack” (i.e., sticky stuff). They were also issued a 5-page warning about glue sticks  (which they call the Pritt Stick). Meantime, school got rid of its “three-legged” races for the kids — too dangerous — while another got rid of its climbing equipment because the wood chips underneath weren’t the required depth.

Calling Monty Python!

Worst of all — for kids, for teachers, for anyone who wants our children to poke through the increasingly bullet-proof  bubble that is childhood — four teachers in ten said that some field trips had been “toned down or cancelled” because they just weren’t safe enough.

When you have to wear goggles to put up a poster, what is?

— Lenore