Wow! I’m a Mom-Petitor Video!

Readers: I’m thrilled — see why, below! Kudos to the creator of these wonderful “Mom-Petitor” videos, Valerie Stone Hawthorne, a mom of twins in Texas — and, oh yeah, a PhD in cancer biology and cell biology. What a lightweight! Her blog is Mompetition and here’s a profile of her in Time. And here’s me!  

Watch Out for — EVERYTHING! A “Do-It-Yourself Consumer Warning”

Oh, Readers: How I wish I’d created this! Bravo!!!  — Lenore

Take Our Children to the Editorial Cartoon Day

Hey Folks — What a treat! After artist Richard Estell saw this anti-Free-Range cartoon in the New York Daily News:

Estell drew a cartoon of his own. (Note what it says on the newspaper in the garbage: Homelessness – Not Funny.) Thanks, Richard!

by Richard Estell

Extremely Helpful Tips!

At last — the kind of safety info any new parent could use. You’ll be so glad you looked! Click here!

Free-Range Friend’s Cartoon!

Hi Readers! My friend Bob Eckstein, a cartoonist for The New Yorker (la-di-dah!), came up with this Free-Range Cartoon: a plea for a little less parental intrusion.

Besides being a whole-hearted supporter of this site, Bob has his own obsession. Snowmen. Yes, really — he is the first and only person to study their history. Did you know, for instance, that in pre-printing press Europe, snowmen were the editorials of their day? A wag might erect a prostitute snow-woman, for instance, in front of the mayor’s house, as a way of hinting at certain improprieties. The perp remained anonymous and his “crime” would melt, so it was just about the best way to get a point across without getting hanged. Anyway, Bob has a  fantastic website devoted to all things snowmen and here it is. Enjoy!

eckstein north korea cartoon