Off Topic But…Frosty Arrested!

Hi Folks: Sometimes you have to post a story just because…you know it’ll go viral. Check out Frosty the Snowman getting arrested!  

And here’s the news story about it. The reader who sent this to me lives in the state where it occurred, Maryland, and writes that, “… for the record, this is not a really large parade — it is a very rural area, they easily could have followed him around the corner and arrested him after the parade.”

Anyway, I”ll attend to more Free-Range Kids issues very soon. But it’s a stronger blogger than I who can resist a snowman arrest. And while we’re on the (off) topic, here’s a link to one of the coolest books I ever read (liked it so much I ended up befriending the author!), Bob Eckstein’s History of the Snowman. It’s a funny, factual, fascinating history of one of the world’s earliest forms of sculpture — a form even kids used to make outside, on their own!

Which reminds me of something totally ON topic. Check out THIS:  The LL Bean “Snowman Kit” — a toy carrot for the nose, toy “coal,” etc. Because, you know, it’s too hard for today’s kids to come up with any snowman accessories on their own. No, they should spend $29.95 on this kit! And of COURSE it says:   Warning: Should only be handled or used with adult supervision.

So, okay: On this particular post we have one gratitous Frosty video, one plug for my (now) friend’s book, and one real Free-Range outrage: The idea that kids can’t even stick a (fake!!!) carrot into a snowman without “adult supervision.” That frosts me! — L.