Watch Out for — EVERYTHING! A “Do-It-Yourself Consumer Warning”

Oh, Readers: How I wish I’d created this! Bravo!!!  — Lenore

Take Our Children to the Editorial Cartoon Day

Hey Folks — What a treat! After artist Richard Estell saw this anti-Free-Range cartoon in the New York Daily News:

Estell drew a cartoon of his own. (Note what it says on the newspaper in the garbage: Homelessness – Not Funny.) Thanks, Richard!

by Richard Estell

Chuckle o’ The Day

Today’s Free-Range cartoon, as seen in the brilliant Baby Blues. What a great comic strip that is! And alas, I can’t figure out how to shrink this to fit my screen here, so I will give you the punchline: “To run a background check on Amy’s parents.” (Sorry — the comic shows up full screen when I preview it, but then in real life the page cuts it off.) L.