6 Dumbest Things Schools Do to “Protect Kids”

Hi Readers — This “Dumbest Things” piece by the folks at Cracked is so perfect, click and enjoy. And remember, back when Cracked used to be the runner-up to Mad, I wrote scads of articles for it. (Just not recently, when it became brilliant social commentary.)

Favorite Dumbest Thing schools are doing to “protect” kids? Well, it’s a toss up between the school banning ALL photography (lest it lead to and/or become child porn), and the individual radio frequency i.d. tags that a school purchased to track kids…except that if a kid IS somehow abducted from the school grounds, the signal stops beeping 100 feet away.

Fight the madness, and enjoy the captions. They’re the best. — L.

More Brilliance from Cracked

Hi Readers! I’m becoming a Cracked addict. (Har har. I’m sure NOBODY ever thought of that before.)

Anyway, here are the definitive, “7 Things Good Parents Do (That Screw Up Kids for Life).” I especially endorse the one about teaching kids about “stranger danger.” (The caption is still making me laugh.)  Enjoy! — Lenore