Outrage o’ The Morning: Desks & Pencils “Too Dangerous” for Kids

Hi Readers — Here’s the latest. A quickie!

Dear Free-Range Kids: I belong to a fancy-dancy gym that has great childcare — kids play organized games, play on the playground and do real activities…no TVs or computers.

There are clipboards for the different age groups where you sign your child in and out.  Today when I walked in, the table that previously held these clipboards was gone. After looking around I found the clipboards sitting in clear plastic wall pockets mounted at about eye level, with pens in the pockets.  Another mom and I gave the coordinator a puzzled look and the coordinator explained, “We had to get rid of the table.  A parent complained that kids could stab other kids with the pens and pencils that were on the table.”

And so it goes.