Perv Alert! Man Seen Photographing Boy at Park!

Hi Readers — This just in! A creepy old guy was seen taking pix of some young boy in Idaho. The cops were called! The media alerted! Hearts pounded, rage burbled, all because…

Um, a grandpa was photographing his grandson.

He left when some crazy lady started yelling at him. Here’s the story.  — L

Aieee! Worse Than Cub Scout/Utensil Story!

Oh my my my.  This story hits me in the pit of my stomach and I’d love someone more tech-savvy than me to start a “HELPMATTHEW.COM” site like the one the mom started for her son Zachary, who was suspended for 45 days for bringing his Cub Scout eating utensil to school.

This story is almost more unbelievable: Matthew is an Eagle Scout who studied CPR at age 12 and thus saved his aunt’s life when he was 13. That felt pretty good, so he took it upon himself to always be prepared to save lives. To this end, he now keeps a sleeping bag in his car, along with some other helpful items like a change of clothes, water bottles, and a key chain knife (given to him by his granddad).

When his high school learned, from a friend, that he had a “weapon” in his car, Matthew was suspended. For 20 days.

He is worried this may affect his chance to go to West Point.

I really think it would be great if this school prevented a boy who has made saving lives his life’s priority from pursuing his dreams.  After all, he might go on to be brave and prepared and save even more lives, and we certainly don’t want that happening.

So — anyone out there up for starting a website petition? If so, I can’t wait to blog about it. And sign it! — Lenore