The “Worst Place on Earth” To Lose Track of a Baby?

Readers — This is a non-story about a mom who got her baby’s stroller onto the D.C. metro but then the doors closed before she could get on.

Ritual infant sacrifice time?

Surprisingly, no. Instead, the strangers gathered round the (sleeping) baby, alerted the authorities and got the stroller off at the next stop, where yet more people protected the tyke. All of which prompted one bystander to say that she felt terrible for the mom because this was,  clearly, “the worst place in the world to lose a baby.”

Worst? Where a crowd of people took care of the child, alerted the mom and made sure everything was fine?

Do you think maybe we can quit thinking of every surprising or untoward situation involving kids as ALMOST a disaster, or a disaster NARROWLY THWARTED, or something that was SOMEHOW terrible, please?

Thanks! — Lenore

A Free-Range Bundle of Joy!

Hi Readers — Here’s a cute letter from a new mom:

Dear Free-Range Kids

I”ve thought of your book often during this first month of parenthood.  Thought you might want to know that I have:

1) Left my baby in his Pack and Play while I…….stepped outside to get the mail!!!!!

2) Put my baby carefully in his bassinet while I…….took a shower!!!!!!!!

3) The big one: We went to Target, and when I approached a crowded aisle, I left him in the shopping cart by the edge of the aisle and stepped about five feet into the aisle to get something……..and left him alone (but within my line of vision) for about 30 seconds!!!!!!!!!!

And he was fine!! Doing my best to raise a free range infant.   🙂

Cheers, Jennifer