My Vote for Dweebiest Superintendent of the Week

Hi Readers — So here’s the story: Five high school seniors in Indiana went into their school after hours, when it was officially off-limits, and decorated it with 10,000 Post-It notes. They used the notes to create a big, cheery “2012” on the gym floor, for instance.  They made bright patterns on the doors, and another big “2012” on some windows. And for this, they were suspended for two days (during finals) and the janitor who supervised them got fired.

What kills me most, though, is how the superintendent described the event: “It was just Post-It notes: no damage, thank goodness, occurred. Nobody was injured, thank goodness. It’s the unintended stuff that sometimes causes issues…”

Talk about Worst-First thinking! Instead of looking around and seeing student exuberance and a sizable dollop of initiative, he sees what could have happened: Damage! Injury! And the ever-dreaded “unintended STUFF”!

LIKE WHAT? When you leave “stuff” undefined, it looms as large as an explosion. How about looking at what DID happen? A burst of senior joy, and a couple of adults  (including a school board member who gave them the key to get in) who understood that these were good kids, doing something fun.

Yes, the kids were there without official permission. But if someone snuck into my office to decorate for a surprise party, I wouldn’t treat it as breaking and entering.

Then again, I’m not a school superintendent. – L.

Maybe these kids should be suspended, too? After all, they COULD start a food fight! There COULD be damage!