De-Normalizing Normal Human Behavior

Hi Readers! In response to a post about schools and camps outlawing hugs (for legal and fear-of-perverts issues) a reader named Melanie wrote this:

When will society as a whole stop modifying, changing and politicizing every single normal human action? The rules are becoming so numerous and far-reaching that it’s difficult to know how to act when outside your own home! Are we breeding a society of unemotional, anti-human, mini robots with all this nonsensical, fear-minded thinking?

It hit home with me, since I think everything from baby classes on how to “clap,” to new contraptions to “help” non-disabled children learn to walk, to whole books on the “right” way to talk to your child  in every situation are making us all forget that things can unfold pretty normally and they’ll be okay.

From jokes to hugs to talking, walking and eating, let’s devote a few days to (in the immortal words of Irving Berlin) doin’ what comes naturally.  Happy weekend! L

And Now For Something Completely Different —

Hey Readers — It’s summer, and I’m re-reading, as I do every summer, my very favorite book: “She’s So Funny: 1,768 of the Best Jokes from Women Comedians,” edited by Judy Brown (who seems to have done a lot of funny books). I have actually gone through and checked off my favorites, and — thanks to a rapidly aging brain — each summer they tickle me anew. And suddenly I thought: Hey, why not tickle YOU, too? (Figuratively, that is.) So here are some of my faves and, where  possible, a link for the funny ladies, too. Enjoy and we’ll get back to Free-Ranging soon enough! — L


“I try to be nice. Whenever I take something out of the freezer I say, ‘Welcome to the future!'” – Meg Maly

“My credit card bill was so big, before I opened it I actually heard a drum roll.” — Rita Rudner

“When I was born I was so surprised, I didn’t talk for a year and a half!” — Gracie Allen

“People are giving birth underwater now. they say it’s less traumatic for the baby because it’s in water. But it’s certainly more traumatic for the other people in the pool.” Elayne Boosler

“My husband I had a very messy divorce  because there was a baby involved. Him.” — Wendy Liebman

“The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.” Joan Rivers

“If birds are such great singers, why don’t they put out more albums?” Ellen DeGeneres

“I quit smoking. I feel better. I smell better And it’s safer to drink out of old beer cans lying around the house.” Roseanne Barr

“It is better to light just one little candle than to clean the whole apartment.” Eileen Courtney

Have a great night! — L.