Outrage of the Nanosecond: Stop That Egg!

Hi Readers — Just because it’s an outrage kind of day, here’s another: A woman was detained at the Canadian border because she was bringing in a Kinder Surprise Egg. You know — the chocolate candy with a prize inside. The problem? That prize presents a choking hazard!

The BIGGER problem? A law equating candy with crystal meth! Of COURSE there is a prize inside. That is why people BUY them.  The adults know it’s there. The KIDS know it’s there. That is why the word “KINDER” as in “KINDERGARTEN” is featured rather prominently in the candy’s name. What next? A ban on Cracker Jacks? After all, kids COULD think the prize was a piece of popcorn!

Anyway, I automatically knew I’d love this story because it uses the word “kerfuffle” in the first graph. So here it is! Have a kerfuffle-free day! L.