Outrage of the Week: 6-year-old Suspended for Singing “I’m Sexy & I Know It”

Hi Readers — Feeling sluggish? You can listen to the song below OR just read this piece about a boy in Denver who told a fellow first-grader, “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”

The brilliant school administrators defined this as “unwelcome sexual advance” and promptly suspended the boy for three days. It’s enough to make you bang your iPad over your head (pointless though that would be). (Pricey, too.) (And need I mention: painful.) BUT —  there’s a silver lining!

This happened in Colorado, the state where the Columbine massacre occurred. The state that went almost understandably crazy with “closing the barn door after the cows (horses?) got out” legislation, making Zero Tolerance its credo.

And now, thanks to ridiculous situations like the 6-year-old’s, the state is reconsidering its regulations. Why? Because (everybody sing along): They’re silly and they know it. – L