Lockdown Madness!

Hi Readers — The following is so bizarre, all I can say is, “Wow! The following is so bizarre!” Here goes:

Dear Free Range Kids: Here’s a letter from the superintendent that was sent home from school with my kids last night:

Beginning around 11 a.m. today, our entire campus was put under “lockout” due to a break-in at a residential home near our campus. Through the efforts of the Niagara County Sheriff’s department, Lewiston Police and local residents, the suspect was apprehended near Cain Road, in Youngstown, around 12:45 p.m. We applaud the efforts of our law enforcement agencies in keeping our students and entire campus safe.

We would like parents to know that their child’s safety was never in jeopardy. Police presence on campus was nearly constant throughout this period of time and student activities were curtailed significantly. Under lockout conditions, all exterior doors, entrances and windows were locked and secured, and only authorized personnel are allowed to enter or leave the building….

My kids’ school is one of four buildings on a campus-like setting, in a rural area. Anything nearby is at least a quarter to half a mile away. One news report said that the US Customs and Border patrol had their helicopter in the air helping local police with the chase. (We’re on the Canadian border.) They thought the suspect was in the woods behind the schools. There is a football field and stadium’s width between the woods and any of the schools. Did I mention that the police department is located ON our school’s campus?

I called to voice my disapproval with the superintendent and was asked by his secretary, “Don’t you care about our kids’ safety when there are criminals running around?”

When I got home, the kids had their letters, and I asked the 10-year-old what her thoughts were about the events of the day. My Free-Range mom’s heart was just so happy — she thought it was a bunch of bs and that the school was doing a good job of fear-mongering!!!

The suspect was caught a couple of miles away in the OPPOSITE direction from the school. Here’s the original article. Here’s the follow-up. Just wanted to share with you. I’m so proud of my kids for not buying into the hype!  — Gena

Warning to all students: Commence cowering NOW! Repeat: Commence cowering NOW!