Host a Free-Range Potluck Picnic Sat., June 23 (I am!)

Hi Folks! It’s time for all of us to start getting together, especially as summer looms. So Saturday, June 23 is Free-Range Potluck Picnic Day!

If you want to host a picnic, just write an invite in the comments, below, or email me at . I will list any and all get-togethers in an upcoming blog post. Include the time, the place  — a local park or block or home —  the Zip Code and a way people can contact you (email address or Facebook page).  Also a raindate. And meanwhile, if you are anywhere in the New York Tri-State area —


I cordially invite you to a my very first Free-Range Kids potluck picnic. It’ll be held at the extremely old-fashioned summer place we rent,  a cottage at the Rosmarins Bungalow Colony in Monroe, N.Y., an hour and 15 mins from New York City. (Directions here.) Come anytime after 2 p.m. and stay for a bbq supper. Bring swimsuits!

Oh — what’s a bungalow colony?

It’s a group of summer rental cabins, close together, usually near a lake or pool. (Ours has both.) We love Rosmarins because everyone hangs out and you don’t need to keep track of your kids. From around age 3 they just run off to the playground or their friend’s place, or they get out their chalk. Cars are in the parking lot, off premises.  The 100 cabins are small and old-school. Think Formica tables, Linoleum floors, tiny bathrooms.  Rosmarins has been running for about 70 years and this season there are still some empty units. So we’re hoping to lure some new renters up there! (We don’t own the place, we just love it and want it to keep going!) Here’s our official invite:

DATE: Sat., June 23 (rain date, Sunday, June 24)

TIME: 2 – 10 p.m. (No need to stay the whole time, but when it gets dark we show a movie outside)

PLACE: Rosmarins Bungalow Colony, 12 School Rd, Monroe, NY 10950

BRING: Something yummy, and towels for your family.


ROSMARINS INFO: Phone: 845 783 7222.

If — best case scenario! — too many folks respond for us to handle, we’ll throw another picnic a few weeks later.

Hey — let’s start a movement! Or at least summer!