Outrage of the Week: Background Checks Required for IVF

Oh darn! Just when  you thought you could  inject yourself with hormones every day for about 2 months, bloat like a beachball, have your eggs monitored and retrieved (after loads of blood tests) to then be fertilized in a test tube and plunged back into your womb at about $15,000 a pop so you could,  hopefully, get pregnant, give birth and gradually raise a little boy or girl who would be all yours to abuse in just five or ten years, it turns out it’s not that easy!

Alas, Australia is about to pass a law that will require couples undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatments to first pass a background check. Here’s the link, and here’s a bit of the story, sent in by a Free-Range reader:

WOULD-BE parents are outraged at new laws forcing them to prove they are not pedophiles or child abusers before they undergo fertility treatment.

Victorian IVF clinics have started asking patients to submit to police checks ensuring they are fit to be parents.

The new law will affect about 5000 couples each year.

Briony and Lew Sanelle, who completed police checks three weeks ago so they could start trying to have their second child through IVF, said they were insulted by the discrimination.

Me too — and not just because I’m an IVF mom myself. I’m insulted because it feels like the only reason the government is requiring this check of IVF parents is because it CAN. And if it could force every single post-pubescent citizen to undergo a background check, that would be its ultimate goal.

This requirement was apparently included as part of a bill passed last year that “paved the way for single women and lesbians to access IVF.” Because, of course, those groups really pose the biggest possible pedophile threat to children.

We live in a strange, obsessive era when everyone is suspected of perversion for showing the tiniest interest in chidlren. Even, apparently, before they’re born. — Lenore