Outrage of the Week: Kid’s Lemonade Stand Closed for Lack of Permit

Oh Readers — What are we going to do with this country? In Portland, Ore, health inspectors shut down a 7-year-old’s lemonade stand at some kind of fair because, “Our role is to protect the public.”

From what? Summer? Fun? Kids? The right to DO something, instead of just sitting at home, quietly watching reruns?

If any health inspectors are reading this, I say: Come arrest my son, too. He was selling lemonade at a summer community last weekend — or trying to. Then younger, cuter kids saw him and go the bright idea of opening a stand right next to his! They got all the business.

What better lesson in commerce — in LIFE! — is there than that? And yet, the authorities stand ready to take it away.

What do you want to bet they chug the evidence? — Lenore