Great Park News!

Hi Readers: Here’s something very nice: America’s 392 national parks are suspending their entrance fees next week — April 17-25. Moreover, a bunch of them will have kid activities.

In truth, I had no idea our national parks charged entrance fees at all. But it’s nice to learn that they do at the very same time I’m learning that they’re being suspended. Here’s how to find a park in your area. And April 24 is Junior Ranger Day. Click on this to find out about Junior Rangers and how to keep them from getting eaten by bears.

No. Wait. Apparently it’s a link to find out about what parks are holding Junior Ranger activities.

Anyway, it’s nice when the First Lady says to “Get Moving,” and the next thing you know, all the parks are open for families and kids to do just that. Part of Free-Range Kids is the idea that once kids spend some time in nature, they end up loving it and wanting to spend more time there. Here’s a chance to make the introduction. Have fun! — Lenore