The Up-side of Trauma

Hi Readers! Here’s something I never wish upon any of us: Suffering a trauma. That being said, I was nonetheless cheered to read this article in The Wall Street Journal on the “growth” that children can experience after a tragedy:

…Research on children traumatized by disaster is revealing that some children have a surprising capacity not only to bounce back, but to grow stronger than before. Once thought possible only in adults, this “post-traumatic growth” is marked by increases in self esteem and compassion, a greater appreciation for relationships and a deeper sense of meaning or spirituality.

Children may say, for example, that they learned as a result of a disaster “how nice and helpful people can be.”

This doesn’t surprise me that much, as it seems pretty clear that humans often appreciate what they have after a brush with loss. But it was nice to be reminded that even as society tries to convince us we must strive to make our children’s lives free of all frustration and sadness, the human condition is built to withstand a whole lot more. And thrive.  — Lenore