Good News! Beloved, Fired Santa Triumphs

Hi Readers! Remember Santa John, the guy we were talking about here yesterday, fired for an “inappropriate” joke or two he told some ADULTS? Here’s the update, from a San Fran gal named Kathlin:

I wanted to share some good news in reference to this story!  It was on the news last evening that there was some real surprise and outrage in the community regarding this incident.  “Santa John” has now been hired by a restaurant called “Lefty O’Douls” which is a tourist attraction right near “Macy’s”.  And, get this…he has been hired at “TWICE HIS SALARY.”   Apparently, he was also living in a sketchy area while he did his Santa stint.  He now has a room at the Westin St. Francis.  So, it does take a village to right a wrong!   If you are in San Francisco, please stop by and see “Santa John” at “Leftys” as it is on the cable car line.

P.S. And here’s the story (it’s great!)  from the San Fran Chronicle.