3-year-old Saves Dad by Walking to Fire Station for Help (2 Blocks!)

Hi Readers — Sometimes, when people say, “Why should I let my kid walk to school/the library/the store? There’s almost no upside and the downside is just too dangerous!” all we can do is say, “No it’s not” — an argument that doesn’t get us very far.

Next time, after viewing this great story about a 3-year-old who saved her dad’s life by being competent and confident in the world, let’s try this one: “Kids are CAPABLE of walking to places very young. Younger than you’d believe! And when they KNOW their neighborhood, they are actually SAFER. And sometimes, so are we! So teach them how to cross the street, teach them not to go off with anyone who approaches THEM, and then teach them about the neighborhood. The life you save may be your own.”

Here’s the wonderful story, from CNN. (Maybe CNN can remember this story when it considers renewing Nancy Grace’s contract.) — Lenore