Keeping Score — Literally (And a Song!!!)

Hi Readers! A friend just wrote to tell me he was dismayed to learn that at his local grammar school the kids play soccer but don’t keep score. Why not? Because this way, “Everybody wins.”

Or nobody wins, of course.  If  losing a schoolyard soccer game is too traumatizing for kids, imagine what’ll happenwhen they learn we don’t all have exactly the same amount of talent. Or candy. Or patience for a namby-pambified world wherein we try to obliterate even the most minor of disappointments, lest they crush a kid, when really we should realize that that the way kids end up happier and more resilient is by learning to learn to roll with the punches, not by avoiding them all.

Which reminded me of a song I wrote. Nice thing about a blog, you get to post your own lyrics and no hardboiled editor can say, “Nix!” (Can you tell I, too, have been disappointed at times in my career?) Voila my song:


by Lenore Skenazy

Take me out to the ballgame

For cooperative fun!

Buy me some sunscreen so I won’t burn

I just hope that we all get a turn!

For it’s root, root, root for the two teams

Whoever wins it’s the same, all the same

‘Cause we Don’t! Keep! Score! anymore

At the new ball game.

P.S. If you want, feel free to come up with some titles of classic songs newly retooled for today’s childrearing trends.  Like, “Michael Row Your Boat Near Shore.” Have fun!