Outrage of the Week: Students Denied Recess Due to Snow

Hi Readers — Here you snow. er, go, from Scotland, via news.scotsman.com:

CHILDREN have been banned from playing in the snow during break times at city schools due to health and safety fears.

Pupils in some primaries have been kept inside during their morning and lunchtime breaks since the schools re-opened on Wednesday.The decision to stop the pupils playing in the snow has sparked criticism among parents, who believe it is “misguided” and is depriving children from enjoying the winter fun.

One of the schools involved is James Gillespie’s Primary where the headteacher stopped youngsters going out on Wednesday and Thursday during playtimes. It is understood reasons including the depth of the snow, a shortage of staff to supervise the children and the resulting mess from pupils walking with wet boots into the building were cited for the decision.

I’m cheered to know that some parents found this ludicrous, as did some other officials. But that headteacher — sheesh!It’s no fun when safety hysteria trumps absolutely everything else in life. Including snowmen. And women (see below). — Lenore 

Not quite relevant, but is this or is this not the COOLEST snow-woman (and kid) ever?

Free-Range Friend’s Cartoon!

Hi Readers! My friend Bob Eckstein, a cartoonist for The New Yorker (la-di-dah!), came up with this Free-Range Cartoon: a plea for a little less parental intrusion.

Besides being a whole-hearted supporter of this site, Bob has his own obsession. Snowmen. Yes, really — he is the first and only person to study their history. Did you know, for instance, that in pre-printing press Europe, snowmen were the editorials of their day? A wag might erect a prostitute snow-woman, for instance, in front of the mayor’s house, as a way of hinting at certain improprieties. The perp remained anonymous and his “crime” would melt, so it was just about the best way to get a point across without getting hanged. Anyway, Bob has a  fantastic website devoted to all things snowmen and here it is. Enjoy!

eckstein north korea cartoon