Outrage of the Week: Pre-Schoolers In, Geezers Out

Hi Readers — What’s the story today? Simply this: After four years of gathering every week  at the local library for a morning of coffee, tea and friendship, a group of retirees is being chased out. Why? A nursery school started bringing its kids there at the same time and the old folks COULD SPILL THEIR HOT DRINKS  ON THEM. Here you go, from The Daily Mail:

Council officials have now axed the meetings claiming that toddlers from a nearby nursery who use the library at the same time could be injured if hot coffee spilt on them….

[Said one of the pensioners:] ‘It is very disappointing, we all thoroughly enjoy the weekly meeting, it is a chance for us all to catch up and have a chat.’  …

A chat is all well and good, sir, but don’t you see? CHILDREN’S LIVES ARE AT STAKE:

Peterborough City Council, who run the library, said there were ‘concerns’ about hot drinks being served when children were close by.

A spokesman said: ‘In recent months a group from the local nursery has started to visit Eye library every Tuesday, between 11am to 11.30am. Unfortunately, their visit also overlaps with the regular meeting of the Over 50s coffee morning. However, we do not want to spoil anyone’s fun, and will be speaking to both groups to see if we can be more flexible about the timings so that the nursery group are not in the library at the time the coffee morning is meeting.’

It certainly sounds like a scheduling nightmare — two whole groups to keep track of, one of them consisting of  seven people!

Meantime, I very much hope that the City Council will be paying visits to the children’s homes to make sure no hot beverages are being served there, either. Can’t be too careful! — Lenore