“Millions Irrationally Feared Dead in Minor Train Accident” – The Onion

Readers — Sometimes I need a break, as I’m sure you do too. And what could be better than a snippet from The Onion reminding us just how driven the news media and  “experts” can be when it comes to whipping up fear? Enjoy!  

Exploding Truck Falling into Grand Canyon River Accidents: Preventable?

Ah, can I get a job at The Onion? I want to be on this panel!

Why We Love The Onion, Parts 84,391 and 84,392

It’s because of stories like this: “Nation’s Strangers Decry Negative Portrayal Among Children.”

And video news reports like this one: “Missing Girl Probably Raped.”

How do they nail it again and again? Anyway, if you’re easily offended, skip these. If not — enjoy!  Lenore

P.S. This classic just in! Sent by a reader:  “More U.S. Children Being Diagnosed with Youthful Tendency Disorder.”