Recent Tweets and Tidbits!

Hi Readers — I know not all of you follow Twitter, so I’m pasting some recent tweets (Tweets?) here for your perusal. Wonder which ones you’ll comment on! L.

Swing sets removed from some W. Va. schools after kid jumps off, breaks arm, gets $20,000. Stop the insanity!

Strong essay: “Confessions of a Childhood Bully” — a woman who tormented her baby sis as a kid, just…because:

Yowza. SLEEPOVERS are the latest parental obsession. Parents TERRIFIED.

Warning! EVERYTHING can kill you! Especially onion dip! And escalators! (My piece, in Readers Digest):

“Judge not.” Moving, realistic piece on Babble about blaming parents when their kids die:

Boy wears girly Hallo costume: “My son is gay. Or he’s not. I don’t care. He is still my son. And he is 5.” Yay!

That’s it for now! Talk later — L.

Recent Tweets, Cool Links

Hi Readers — Thanks to YOU I get a ton of cool links and stories every day. Since I can’t get around to blogging about all of them (and sometimes don’t even know what to say, beyond, “Wow!” and “Yikes!” and “Gah!”), I tweet them out. And since I know not everyone’s on Twitter, I’m just going to give you some of my recent tweets right here. Enjoy! Discuss! — Lenore

*Such a funny, weird sign. And think how it will affect USA kids’ self esteem (you darn Canadians)!

*John Walsh coins term, “Bus Surfing.” Pervs following the school bus. Mwah ha ha! Danger everywhere! Be afraid!

*I was about to snort, but in fact, I LIKE this safety device: A “Nap Alarm.” Alerts drivers when they nod off:

*Ban adults without kids from playgrounds? My take, on ParentDish:

*Just what we need: Mini-TV screens on the supermarket shelves urging us to BUY:

*FASCINATING piece on myth of “date rape drug.” Women blame IT more than excessive drinking.

*An airport security sign that says it all. (What have we come to?!!) AM Aug 8th

Babysitting, Rocks, A.C. and One VERY Bizarre Dora Toy

Hi Folks — It’s Sunday, a lazy day, so here are some my recent Tweets (from Twitter) you might like:

Great Salon piece: When do you let your kids babysit?

Perfect one-panel comic about kids and their chemistry sets!

How a country without A.C. would be warmer in many GOOD ways:

Strange new trend: “Make believe” camps where kids are encouraged to play the old-fashioned (sort of) way:

Students not allowed to touch rocks! Given a POSTER of rocks instead:

Excuse me. This is a toy for…a kid? Not, say, a lonely mom? Dora, I’m shocked!

Have fun! — L.

Recent Tweets of Interesting Stuff!

Hi Readers! I know not everyone’s on Twitter, but I’m always posting little tidbits there that maybe aren’t big enough to warrant a whole blog post. So in case you missed ’em, here are some recent Tweets. (And if you want to join Twitter, just click here.) My tag, or screen name, whatever it’s called, is, of course, freerangekids. — Lenore

* 7th graders discover cool thing on Mars. (So why are they “too young” to do anything else, like stay home alone?)

* Brilliant Wall St. Journal piece by Bryan Caplan on how we don’t have to work so hard at parenting:

* My take on “Friendship Coaches” for kids. Because, you know, they get friendship all wrong without professional help.

* Kids now have to be 12, not 10, at local pool (w/ lifeguard) without parent. That would’ve kept me inside 2 more yrs.

* GREAT San Fran essay: Can I leave my kids in the car when I run back into the house? (And why is this even a worry?):

* What you should REALLY be afraid of: A chart! (No, don’t be afraid OF the chart. It’s a chart of dangers.)

And plenty more! — L.

Recent Tweets — And Off to Tucson

Hi Readers — From time to time I like to post  some of my recent tweets here, for those who are not (yet) Twittering away. So – voila, in no particular order:

1 -Whole NY Times story on whether Disney ousted anti-commercialism kids group from its Harvard home:

2 – New blog from KaBoom (playground advocates): “Play Haters.” Stories of classic grumps & spoilsports:

3 – Best essay EVER on the way we react to any tragedy by creating new oversights we don’t need or won’t help:

4 – I kid(ney) you not! New study shows kidney donors not at greater risk of death than those of us with 2!

5 – Here’s me, talking about stranger danger, along with my adversary who says even ADULTS shouldn’t talk to strangers.

6 – PBS is debating Free-Range Kids on its website. Sorry to say, not sure the idea is winning! Help!

Ok — that’s enough for now. I’m off to the Tucson Book Fair. If you’re in the nabe, stop by. I’ll  be speaking on Saturday morning. Love to say hi! Meantime, my deputy will be posting this weekend while I’m away. Enjoy! — Lenore

Interesting Stories I’ve Tweeted in the Past 24 Hours

Hi Readers! I get a lot of amazing material throughout the day and when I can’t think of anything particular to add in the way of a blog post,  I just Tweet them. It finally dawned on me that maybe I should share those Tweets right here, because not everyone is a  Twitter-type. So here are the latest. And of course, if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, all you have to do is go there (here’s a link) and once you’re signed up (easy! here’s that link) you can find me at FreeRangeKids. (I know. Super-creative name, right?). Zee Tweets:

*Middle school girl arrested — like, by the police — for doodling in marker on desk.

*Mom asks Yahoo Answers: “How can I convince my kids that snow is dangerous?” Great replies.

*Essay on Virginia’s decision to yank unexpurgated Anne Frank from school curriculum. Should history be sweeter?

*If you’ve ever uttered “time out” “Baby Einstein” “milestones,” “Bugaboo” or “abduction” take heed:

*Do you worry that your kids are TOO plugged in to digital media? @FreeRangeKids

*Weird: Seventh grade football star makes verbal commitment to college — for 2015:

That’s the latest. Enjoy! — Lenore

Kids Off to College? Stalk ‘Em With Social Media!

Good news! “Twitter, Facebook Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College-Age Kids.” (Thank you again, Onion! And thank you, those who sent this video in.)