A Little Perspective on Child Safety

Hi Readers — Here’s a letter from a United Nations worker in Italy. Kinda puts our fears for our kids in perspective:

Hi Lenore! UNICEF just published their 6th report on what the world is like for children. It is a scary one, but I would like to draw attention to what makes it scary for them. It is NOT:

– The male teacher / Sunday school  helper giving them a kiss (most of them
would wish they had one that did give them a kiss)
–  Nor is it the dangerous homemade cupcake (many never even had one)
– Or whether to bike to school or be driven (they don’t go to school, and do
not have a bike, much less car)

Their problems are more simple, but so much harder to solve. Below is an extract from the index of the report. I do not want to belittle anybody’s problems or fears, but sometimes we really do need to see ourselves from another perspective.  I hope you take the time to read it and I hope each one of us does something that will make the next report a bit better.

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Achieve universal primary education

Promote gender equality and empower women

Reduce child mortality 

Immunize against pneumonia

Improve maternal health maternal mortality

Combat HIV, AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Ensure environmental sustainability

Ensure safe drinking water and basic sanitation

Protect against abuse, exploitation and violence

Protect and aid children affected by armed conflict

End child labor, child marriage and female genital mutilation

Whew. Thank you for this list, Lene! And here’s one way we can actually help out, almost immediately. Halloween is just around the corner. Order your UNICEF boxes here and have the kids you know Trick or Treat for the cause!

Which reminds me…I’ve got to order some, too. (If you need 10 boxes or fewer you can pick them up at Hallmark Gold Crown stores, Baskin Robbins or Pier 1 Imports.) —  L.